Top 15 SEO & Online Marketing News, Updates Tips and Events of May 2015

Here we would like to share with you the list of top articles from May 2015 that will help you in marketing your business online in a better way. In this list we have included topics from the most reputed articles resources. These articles comprise topics like SEO news, effective social media marketing strategies, latest ecommerce trends, Google updates, local SEO tips, online reputation management, website security enhancement, link building and conversion improvement.

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  1. Find Your Strategy: 6 Actionable Social Media Strategies From Successful Brands

Social media has unlocked many channels for business promotion. Small or large, every brand is leveraging social media to engage and inspire their target audience.

6 Actionable Social Media Strategies From Successful Brands

Read on to grasp some useful social media marketing insights from some of the most successful brands.

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  1. 4 Tactics for Outstanding E-commerce SEO

With all the Google’s search engine algorithm updates, the face of SEO has changed greatly. The fierce competitions among ecommerce portals of today have raised the SEO techniques standards further. Let’s find out which are the most effective SEO techniques for improving search engine visibility of ecommerce portals.

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  1. Google Replaces Search Queries With Search Analytics in Google Webmaster Tools

Google rolled out a new feature ‘Search Analytics’ for its Webmasters Tools earlier this month. This feature will allow webmasters to get more precise filtered results from Google Analytics in contrast to older search queries.

Google Replaces Search Queries With Search Analytics in Google Webmaster Tools

Read on to learn about the capabilities of Google Webmaster Tools with this new feature.

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  1. 6 Keys To Getting Local SEO Started On The Right Foot

As more and more online searches are being made for local businesses, the need of local SEO is constantly rising. Lot can be achieved in this context if one adopts the right approach. Here are 6 local SEO tips to begin your campaign at the right note.

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  1. Why You Need a Social Media Calendar and How to Create One

Most businesses are still not familiar with social media calendar. Let alone creating and leveraging it. Here is a quick guide on Social media calendar and how it can help you on the business front.

Why You Need a Social Media Calendar and How to Create One

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  1. Make Your Website Pitch-Perfect across All Browsers with Compatibility Testing

Given the countless number of computing setups users can access internet services from, compatibility testing of website, web applications & software has become an essential practice. But the scope of compatibility testing isn’t limited to cross-browser testing and different screen sizes. Read on to learn about the complete scope of compatibility testing and the best practices to follow.

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  1. Google: We Are Trying To Update The Data For Panda & Penguin Faster

It has been more than 7 months since Google’s last search engine algorithm update rolled out. Google has constantly stated in past couple of months that very soon it will launch an update, however, webmasters waiting to see the results of their efforts are getting impatient.

Google Trying To Update The Data For Panda & Penguin Faster

Read on to get more insights on Google’s plans for next Panda & Penguin updates.

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  1. Best Security Tips from Pro Developers to Protect Website from Hackers

Data theft isn’t the only reason to why hackers target websites today. Stealing server space to handle spammy activities by your website name is the new trend popular among hackers. The consequences of it are certainly dire, and no business will deny acknowledging them. Read this post prepared by experts on how to ensure the robustness of your website security to protect it from hacking attacks proactively.

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  1. The Importance of Listening to Google

SEO experts know the importance of being all ears when Google is telling something. Big or small, tops SEOs never let go of any advantage they can fetch out from Google’s upcoming updates. Their practices aren’t secret, it just that they require years of research to learn. However, business owners can catch up if they know where to look and when to look. Read this post to learn how to listen when Google is saying something.


  1. Google adds Food Ordering into Mobile Search Results for Restaurants

Online food ordering marketplace is booming and Google is now backing it. Google recently launched a feature for mobile restaurant search results that will allow users to directly place the order from their favorite online food ordering website. Read this post to learn about what speculations are being made about the cause and effect of this feature by Google.

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  1. Link Building Never Ends

Despite numerous search engine algorithm updates, link building has never lost its shine. Primarily because fresh links are as much important for users as for web crawlers. Learn more about the importance of link building in the cyclical nature of online marketing.

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  1. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles with Right Size & Design of Image

When it comes to optimizing your social media profiles, it is as much about images as much about text information. But posting new and attractive images isn’t the end of the work. You need to also ensure the relevancy of the imagesand their size for each social platform. Read on to learn more about the right size of the image for different social media platforms and how to make them more relevant for the target audience.

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  1. Keywords on Mobile: Not Comparable to Desktop

Recent confirmation by Google that smartphone searches exceeds desktop searches in 10 counties has done the work of reinforcement to the speculation ‘mobile is the future’. But the trouble is many businesses still seem unprepared to save their spot in the ‘mobile first’ trend. Check out this post to know how the online traffic has shifted from desktop to mobile in recent times.

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  1. Improve Your Search Engine Visibility with these Simple Local SEO Tips

Local SEO is important, and everyone knows it. But the trouble is that, to brick-and-mortar businesses local SEO techniques look like rocket science techniques. In truth they are not.

Improve Your Search Engine Visibility with these Simple Local SEO Tips

Read this informative post that outlines some easy Local SEO tips that business owners can implement themselves.

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  1. How Adding Steps to Your PPC Landing Pages Can Improve Conversion Rates

If you are running a PPC campaign then you should replace the idea of using one-step landing page with a multi-page landing page. Multi-step landing pages are more engaging and can not only convert more but can also improve the quality of the leads. Read on to learn 4 reasons to why multi-step landing pages are better than one-step landing pages.

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