How Much Does it Cost to Setup an Online Grocery Store?

With every business, from clothing to ordering food going online, buying groceries also had to move to the internet, right? Not a new concept anymore, buying grocery is relatively easier with an online Grocery store. The most common question asked is how much will launch an online grocery business cost?


The honest is that it can be a costly affair if one isn’t aware of the ins & outs related to it.

There are three ways to set up an online Grocery store:

  1. Hiring an in-house development team
  2. Hiring a freelancer
  3. Get Readymade and fully functional website

The first two options are going to cost you significantly. You won’t get a skilled developer in a tight budget. Moreover, you need to be technically proficient to keep a check on what needs to be done in the time you have.

Financially, hiring a freelancer is the same story. Moreover, you will need to perform a lot of to-and-fro communication with her to get things as per what you need.

The only easy or the best option left is to get a readymade and fully functional website. No hassles, no technical knowledge required and a one-time payment. Once paid for, the website is yours for a lifetime.

Growcer is one such online grocery marketplace solutions. It focuses on providing entrepreneurs, shoppers, and sellers a comfortable UX and secure transactions.

Not only that, it is loaded with every possible feature required to boost your Grocery sales. There’s no need to apply any extra extensions or plugins to add more functionality or features. However, if you wish to add any specific feature, Growcer offers extensive customization offers.

An online Grocery store builder, Growcer comes in two variants, GoQuick (available at $999) and GoCustom ($4499).

The difference being, GoCustom package gives you specially designed and customized software according to your needs. You don’t have to pay anything extra for design customization which is a big plus.

growcer ecommerce platform

To conclude, with options like ‘Growcer’, opening an online Grocery store has become way more budget-friendly and time-saving. Visit here for more details on the Growcer platform:

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Things You Need To Know Before Starting an Online Grocery Store

According to a report published by The Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen, American consumers are expected to spend up to $100 billion on online grocery items by 2025. From this, you can predict how colossal the online grocery market is going to be.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs desire to do big on this platform. However, there are some important aspects that one should know before starting an online grocery business.

Demographics of Online Grocers

Grocery shopping, like other e-commerce models, is more about understanding the demographics. Did you know that men and GenX indulge in eGrocery more than the rest? Are you aware of the fact that majority of people who tried online grocery shopping liked it and want to stick to it?


You should remember one thing: a customer has dozens of other online platforms they could choose instead of you.

So, you should formulate your unique selling propositions (USPs).

From unique designs to different manifesto, from providing discount coupons to great customer service, find your winning difference.

High-quality website

The success of an online grocery business depends upon the factors such as the quality of products and how the website is designed and marketed. From user-friendly navigation to responsive design, there are many key elements that make a web business promising.

growcer ecommerce platform

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To win in an online grocery business is not an easy job. Moreover, inventory models for the perishable goods require a lot of techniques and strategies.

Various marketing channels such as social media promotion, PPC marketing, e-mail marketing, press releases etc. to give your business a new identity.


Research is the key to kick-starting your online grocery business. Remember, the first impression is the last impression. So, follow-up on these important factors and enter the online grocery business with a dream of a bright future.

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A Complete or Best Marketplace Solution to Start a Multivendor Store

The trend of starting an online marketplace’s is at peak. Multivendor Marketplaces like Etsy, Zillow, Amazon, have seen unbelievable success and this is what inspired other business owners to build an online marketplace. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to build an online multivendor store kind of Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. then YoKart is the perfect technology platform for you. YoKart is a dedicated and one of the best platforms to start an online marketplace with an advanced set of features. The popular US business weekly magazine, Inc. has mentioned YoKart among the best multivendor ecommerce platforms three times in a row.

Here are top notch features the YoKart platform has:

  • Simple to use
  • Easy implementation
  • Free one year technical support against bugs and code defects
  • Onetime payment and lifetime license
  • Unlimited customization options
  • White label solution
  • Readymade version can be implemented almost immediately
  • Mobile and Search Engines Optimized
  • Secure
  • Multiple payment options
  • Multi Currency & Multi Lingual

Here is a YoKart client review:

‘A 360-degree satisfaction of time, money and quality’

Comments: When YoKart sales team assured us of high quality solution at an affordable price, we a little skeptical. But as they proceeded with understanding our business idea and listened to us patiently, carefully and actively, we started to trust these guys. The way they handles all our queries is commendable, and so is the website that we got ready from these guys. If you are short on time and need a readymade solution, Yo!Kart is your go-to guy.

To start an online marketplace or to know in detail about YoKart features visit here:

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Growcer:A Dedicated ecommerce platform to start grocery business

Online grocery is one of the fastest growing e-commerce industries. With companies like Instacart, BigBasket making it big, the trend has resulted in a rapid eruption of similar businesses across the globe.

Almost everyone has high hopes of joining the bandwagon and get a share of the cake. However, there are certain things that one should keep in mind before opening an online grocery store:

  • Competitors

Before starting any business, a person should be aware of all the competitors. In simple words, you need to research what tactics your competitors are using, the features that help them grow and their limitations that you can use to your advantages.


  • Revenue Streams

As we all know that E-commerce business has a better investment to revenue proportions, make sure you are clear what your primary and secondary revenue channels should be. Commissions, subscriptions, affiliate partnership, merchandise sales, and advertisements are the main revenue generation methods.

  •  Distinct Features

Before involving in the online grocery business, make a flowchart of the key features that will be the highlight of your company. Look for the things that your competitors are missing and then indulge them in a smart way.

  • New-age dynamics

Obviously, there will be some challenges while launching an online grocery business; and the online grocery store is not an exception either. But you have to fit into a new-age dynamics and the only thing to do so is keeping track of current trends and schemes while analyzing how to leverage upon them.

With all said and done, just remember that thorough research is the foundation of success and correct implementation is the pillar on which your online grocery business will rise. The keys lie in constant learning and upgrading your game as the norms, trends, and technology evolve.

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Travel Activity Business – A Billion Dollar Travel Startup Idea

The travel industry is growing at a rapid pace and according to the World Travel and Tourism Council, by 2025, one in eight households will travel internationally, and the number of trips taken by people over 65 will more than double to over 180 million annually. The travel and tourism industry is growing faster than the global economy and 277 million jobs worldwide last year, according to WTTC estimates

But the question is, where to invest in the travel industry: hotels booking, flights booking, events planner, travel activity booking, etc.  No doubt among these business ideas, most people will prefer hotels and flights booking business idea but if you are looking to start hotels and flights booking business, then you need to rethink again as competition in the travel booking industry is huge and there are lots of established market players like Expedia, Make My Trip etc. It will be really tough for a new startup to survive in the hotels and flights booking industry until or unless you have something very unique in your pocket.

People these days travel not only for sight-seeing but for fun and adventure activities. So travel activity business is a hottest and profitable business idea. According to stats, 80% of travel activities booking are still made offline. So if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, it will be a good opportunity for you to enter in this untapped market. Launch a travel activity marketplace where people can book travel activities online for the destinations they are visiting. What you need a better and advanced technology solution, which can acts as a bridge between customers and local hosts to book travel activities online.  FunAway is the only dedicated solution in the market to build an online travel activity marketplace. The platform has built with hundred hours of research work and comes with powerful and advanced features like:

  • Users can find activities by categories
  • Tips related to location
  • Real time availability and Map view of activity location
  • Calendar management of activity booking
  • Wish-list of activities can be maintained
  • Messages to activity host
  • Marketplace Owners can setup commission rate for the activity hosts
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Inbuilt messenger feature
  • Fully customizable

For more details about features, pricing and system, feel free to visit here:


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SEO Tips to Optimize Your Website Content for Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones searches are perpetually rising as the majority of world’s population uses mobile devices.  So, if your website or content isn’t optimized for mobile, you are losing a large portion of sales. Moreover, as per Google’s latest update, the search engine will index the mobile version of the website page but those who have responsive websites will not get affected.

Some stats that will prove why content optimization for mobile is necessary:

  1. 50% of B2B search queries are made on smartphones and will grow to 70% by 2020.
  2. Mobile usage per B2B worker is expected to increase from two hours a day to three by 2020.

Following are the SEO tips you can use to optimize your content for mobile marketing.

  1. Content Length:

Some companies especially made their websites for the mobile audience. The only important thing that they should follow is “content must be shorter and to the point”. Mobile users don’t like long articles which obviously stretched with a lot of unwanted stuff. Instead, they can represent the content in the form of graphic visuals which increase the attractiveness of the page.

  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google officially integrated AMP into its mobile search results in 2016. AMP helps the website to load faster on mobile devices. It further reduces the bounce rate, improves the overall visibility of mobile devices and also increases the conversion rate.

  1. Titles and Headings should be short and simple:

All the headings and titles should be short, crisp and precise (8 words or less). Importantly, clarity is required in it not creativity. Also, while making a heading or title, one should focus on particular keywords, but not obsess over them.

  1. Divide your Content into Paragraphs:

Long content fails to engage the audience. That’s why to switch to the shorter paragraphs (of maximum five sentences each).

  1. Use of Sub-Headings:

Mainly, sub-headings are slightly longer than headings. They are a framework for the context. And make sure that you are not using any cryptic words in sub-headings.

  1. Bullet Points and Italics:

Putting phrases and words in a bold or italics can make the pages easier to read. It enables focus and boosts comprehension.

  1. Compatible Videos:

This is another important point as video compatibility is very important while optimizing content. Always upload or add smartphones compatible videos to the site.

Apart from these steps, there are some additional points such as creating clickable email id and phone number and always going for an optimized image. When we talk about the business world, there is a platform named FATbit, a renowned Digital marketing agency that helps its clients to make their mobile websites more Google-friendly.

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Email Marketing Is The Best Technique For B2B Marketers

Though recently the trend in the market to nurture leads is through content and social media marketing, very few marketers understand the limitation. Social media marketing has a short lifespan and heavy competition.

The quickest way nurture lead through the sales funnel is to get the website content in front of the lead. This requires high search ranking for relevant keywords which takes a lot of effort and time.

The best way to make your content reach and consumed by the lead is email marketing. Add modern email marketing strategies to your lead nurturing efforts you can create convert at a faster speed, deliver relevant content, add a touch of personalization and monitor it actively.

The following stats will explain why and how B2B marketers can use Email Marketing as a best digital marketing solution to convert leads effectively.

  • 17% B2B purchasers are using the online chat feature, they rather prefer using email to get in touch with their clients.
  • For every dollar spent, email marketing has an average return rate of $38.
  • Recipients are 14% more likely to open an email which is part of a segmented campaign rather than traditional emails.
  • Emails containing a video see click-through rates that are 96% higher than non-video emails.
  • 56% of marketers using an emoji in their subject line had higher open rate than those who did not.
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How To Use Digital Marketing For Your Online Business

Launching a website to start an online business is just not enough these days. With design and web trends ruling the online platforms, it is essential to utilize digital marketing to promote your company. These days, digital marketing offers various strategies to help craft an appropriate plan for any given business type.

Here are a few focus areas of digital marketing that can help you run a successful online business:

  • Website design and navigation
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media engagement
  • Pay-per-click (PPC)

Choosing a right digital marketing company can help you design or revamp your existing website into a storefront that is personalized for your audience. FATbit offers 360 digital marketing solutions with various services to choose from depending on the needs of your business.

In addition to the above basic digital marketing services, FATbit can also help you with online reputation management, conversion rate optimization, banner design and email marketing.

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FATbit Technologies – A Haven for Aspiring Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Steve Jobs institutionalized a great work philosophy in the business world – ‘Don’t Settle!’

At FATbit, we are proud to have followed that philosophy, years over years. Started as a web designing & development company in 2004, within a decade we expanded our services to the digital marketing service spectrum to become one of the leading web solution providers in India. But that too wasn’t enough for us. And we didn’t settle there.

Considering the ongoing boom in the ecommerce industry, we decided to build high-end ecommerce platforms – not just for opening online shops – but for various online business models, to become a one stop solution for aspiring entrepreneurs aiming at different online businesses.

Here are some of our top selling products:

YoKart – A multivendor eCommerce solution to build websites like eBay, Etsy, Flipkart, etc.

FunAway – A mobile-ready online travel activity booking marketplace builder, where various tour operators & activity providers can list their business.

YuYumm – A readymade solution for online food order & delivery marketplace setup, like FoodPanda.

YoGigs – A feature-rich website script to build on-demand service marketplaces like TaskRabbit & Thumbtack.

Growcer – An ecommerce solution for setting up online grocery stores.

Apart from these, we have a dozen more products to help aspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs realize their dream of owning & running an online business.

FATbit strives to evolve continuously with the ‘don’t settle’ philosophy, and the same we make possible for our clients through our high-end ecommerce solutions.

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Why Digital Marketing Services Is Necessary for Your Business Growth

There is a popular quote in the online marketing community that says ‘Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone’. This notion isn’t that difficult to grasp if one looks around and pays heed to how much things have changed since the dawn of the internet.

Social media, online marketplaces, news websites, online discussion forums, and so on have revolutionized human life, and the result is that about 3.5 billion people (about 40% of world population) today have internet connection, and they frequently go online to learn new things, to shop, to pay bills, to share their thoughts, and to connect with others.

Any mature business owner can easily estimate the importance of the online presence of his business in today’s world.

A website provides the online identity to your business; social media enables you to interact with your customers in the way you could never do offline; blogs & articles allows your share your opinions & vision with the masses and acquire new customers rather efficiently; and so on.

The fact of the matter is that today, for any given business a good part of target audience is found online. And if a business fails to attract its target customers from different online channels, surely, it is denying itself a far greater success.

For any business, online or offline, digital marketing is the need of the hour. So, it is important that you begin to practice it for a seamless growth of your business.

Get a complete digital marketing solution at affordable prices

Let’s begin

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