Cash in on Popularity of Custom Clothing with Your Own ModernTailor Clone Script

Do you buy clothes online? How often have you found clothes that match your size perfectly? Bespoke clothing is always considered better than traditional clothing made for the masses. As far as online retail is concerned most of the users had to either choose from online fashion stores or offline custom clothing tailors. ModernTailorhas broken  this logjam and provided consumers with the best of both worlds.

Cash in on Popularity of Custom Clothing with Your Own ModernTailor Clone Script

The growing demand of custom clothing and success of ModernTailor has augmented popularity of this business model. Many new entrepreneurs are now looking to cash in on the popularity of this niche market. This is why FATbit Technologies did an in-depth analysis of its business model, website features that would help anyone interested in starting their own clone website. Before jumping to website features let’s discuss its business as well as the revenue model.

Custom Clothing Website

Business Model

“Bespoke” and “Online shopping” are usually seen as contradictory terms. A true bespoke tailoring experience involves going to tailor shop for multiple fittings with the end product resulting in a hand-made perfectly fitted suit for you. But this was not possible with the dynamics of online shopping earlier until ModernTailor broke the deadlock. Also the online providers offer only made-to-measure pieces,which were not bespoke. This is where ModernTailor fits in.

Modern Tailor enables users to select fabric, design it as per their style, and get the stitched piece of clothing delivered to their doorstep. It has advance search functionality that allows visitors to search by price, color, material, and pattern, among other options.

Now that you have noted the business model of modern tailor, let’s take a look at the revenue stream to get a better view of how it generates revenue.

How does ModernTailor Make Money?

A big question in the mind of many entrepreneurs who are looking to enter this industry is how to make money with ModernTailor clone. From order placement, to stitching and delivery, everything is managed by Modern Tailor itself. The company earns direct revenue from customers depending on the number of orders received. Moreover, it also runs promotional campaigns in order to increase its user base. The market of customized clothing is ripe with more and more users opting for it over traditional shopping.

Unique features that sets ModernTailor apart:

Customizing clothes

ModernTailor offers users to design their own custom tailored shirt as per their unique requirements & preferences. It has a nice and intuitive tool in place that makes it a breeze to customize any shirt. The initial step includes selection of the fabric. In order to make it user friendly, ModernTailor provides a slew of filters as well as options to find relevant fabric.

After selecting the fabric, users can select custom collars, cuffs, buttons, Pocket & monogram. Final step includes adding clothing measurements to the order. The overall process is highly efficient and user friendly. The same approach is taken in customizing other clothes as well like pants, jackets, suits etc.

Style guide

Any fashion website is incomplete without a style guide that showcases the latest fashion trends. ModernTailor ushers in that aspect with itemized style guide which depicts trends through high definition pictures. In addition to it, there is also a special video guide section on this website. Adding a similar style guide to your custom clothing website will make you a favorite among users and a winner among ModernTailor competitors.

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It is an era of information sharing and having an engaging community. This is the reason why Modern tailor has incorporated a showcase section where users can display their creations to other members. This creates a new dimension between self-customized clothing and pre-made clothing.


The matter of fact is that it is a niche market, and many first time users might have some queries before getting accustomed to the platform. In order to make ModernTailor accommodating for all the users, there is a dedicated FAQ section. It provides all the necessary information to the users, categorized in accordance to the user preference.

Support Forum

In addition to the FAQ, there is also a support forum, where users can get their issues addressed in a more personalized way. This also offers a channel of engagement between the members of the community.

Shipment tracking

One of the most essential features for any online marketplace or e-commerce portal is shipment tracking. This feature helps users track the courier and get information related to the delivery of the product. A simple tool like this adds huge value to the website as online shoppers get to know when they can expect the delivery.

Online fashion retail stores have seen huge boom in the recent years. The future calls for personalization of clothing in a way that can relate to the consumers. The need for custom designed clothes is increasing day by day. FATbit Technologies has been one of the pioneers who foresaw the emergence of custom clothing and built its clone, Stich. Stitch has all the advanced features that a website owner will require to capture the market share.

Now is the right time to invest in this sector and a custom clone script with all the advanced features will surely give entrepreneurs an edge over the competition. So go ahead and start your custom clothing site now!

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