Launching An Academic Writing Marketplace Will Yield Immense Profits

When it comes to launching an academic writing website, there is no better choice than Paperweight. Aspiring entrepreneurs have acknowledged it immensely as it offers a wide array of features and options at a competent pricing. It boast of advanced features like scalability, reviews, task management as well as a secure architecture offering a complete and powerful package at economical pricing. Such a marketplace can offers services that span across different form of writing. Checkout the below infographic to know details about this marketplace.

By using a platform like paperweight, you can either generate revenues via ads or via commission from writers. The best thing about this turnkey solution is that one does not require any advanced knowledge of coding. To get more information about this business model, paperweight and the crucial features that it brings to the table kindly go through this link –

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What Make #YoKart100startups a Blessing After BigCommerce’s Steep Price Hike?

At a time when BigCommerce users are getting outraged over its price rise, YoKart launches a rare event, where it would be giving 100 free licenses to prospective entrepreneurs. Recently BigCommerce announced steep price hike, which resulted in almost 4x rise in monthly charges of customers. This has left several customers disgruntled with social media getting abuzz with disheveled posts. However, while BigCommerce was busy changing its pricing model, there comes a blessing from the stables of YoKart – a multivendor ecommerce platform.

What Make #YoKart100startups a Blessing After BigCommerce’s Steep Price Hike

YoKart, which recently won the much-coveted product of the year award, has announced a rare initiative termed #YoKart100startups. This upcoming event is an excellent opportunity for business enthusiasts who are preparing to begin their journey as technology entrepreneur soon.

The best part about this once in a lifetime opportunity is that it is neither a contest nor a challenge. This means there is no fine print to this startup bonanza. In the spirit of encouraging eCommerce startups and celebrating the recent recognition received by YoKart, 100 licensed copies will be given away to prospective entrepreneurs who sign up for the event.

  • Everyone with a dream to launch an eCommerce startup is eligible for this event
  • The entrepreneurs just have to fill the signup form in order to be a part of this mega event
  • The signup process will start on 18 April 2016 and conclude on 28 April 2016
  • The results would be declared on 2 May 2016
  • The winners would have 24 hours to claim their free copy

Ever since its inception, YoKart has helped several startups create a name for themselves in the eCommerce industry. This event has just added a new feather to its mantle, making it one of the most sought after solutions for eCommerce startups. It is no less than one-of-a-kind startup jackpots. If you are,

  • One of those affected by the price hike of BigCommerce or any other eCommerce platform
  • Early stage startup, low on resources with an aim to make it big in the eCommerce arena
  • Looking for a robust eCommerce platform that does not put a hole in your pocket

Then you must not miss this once in a life opportunity. In the coming days, nearly 100 startups will be launched without spending a dime on their website. A simple signup would give your startup that golden opportunity to be one of the #YoKart100startups. Stay updated for this event and be a part of this revolution.

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Yokart is Soon Going to Launch a Mega Event #Yokart100Startups

Good news for entrepreneurs planning a startup. YoKart brings a Mega event that will give you the opportunity to launch your multi-vendor business without facing the cost issues. Stay tuned for the next and keep visiting to be one of the #YoKart100Startups

Keep visiting website and it’s social profile Twitter & Facebook for further update

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Make Big Money- Get the Right Multivendor Script to Establish Ecommerce Startup

To start a multivendor e-commerce store that can earn fair deal of profits amid high competition you need a powerful script. The website script chosen by you, will make great difference to the outputs of a newly built online shop. By ‘right’ is meant a script that weighs more on the grounds of features, cost and user-functionality. The startups that fail usually lack on these three fronts. High cost and no performance is the top agony of startups.

Read about the solution in this presentation.

If you want your site to compete with bigger platforms like ebay, Flipkart, etc. then opting for YoKart’s multivendor ecommerce platform would be the best option.

Viw demo here –

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Twitter Polls are here to take Online Surveys & gather User Opinion

Twitter has been on advance mode for a while and making every effort to enhance user experience. Recently the micro blogging site announced a new feature, ‘Polls’. It’s a voting feature that will allow you to gather user opinion by putting across a statement and giving options to choose. Whether you want to assess public response on president election or release of new iPhone; ask a question and know followers’ reaction on it instantly.

Twitter Polls are here to take Online Surveys & gather User Opinion

How will voting work on Twitter?

You can create a poll giving two choices. There will be a compose box which will help frame a polling question and how one votes will not be public. This will remain live for 24 hrs and Twitter will notify users (who voted) to check results afterwards. The feature will be rolled out over next few days for all, Android, iOS and desktop users.

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Twitter vs. Facebook on polling feature

If we talk about business, Twitter seems to be surpassing competitors including Facebook. With polling feature that is apparently missing on other networks, it is going to make Twitter experience better than others. Facebook gives option to create polls but that is restricted to groups only. If you want to interact with target audience and ask them a question, you can ask to like/comment to support two distinct options. But since we know FB users don’t bother to reply in real time, voting does not guarantee quick and reliable results.

The absence of voting on Facebook is one of the major factors that indicate success of Twitter polling. Twitter focuses on real time engagement on the other hand and people who use twitter know that tweets perish quickly so they are either twittering in real time or not tweetering at all. Gaining quick response is easier on twitter due to real time participation of users.

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We look forward to great impact of this voting feature especially in the promotion and strategy creation. Tell us how you find Twitter polling.

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What Is YouTube Red? Do People Need this new subscription service?

There are two major vibes associated with YouTube across the world. People love it for allowing them to watch any video they want. But, at the same time, they hate it for bombarding all the ads that botch up their video watching experience.

What Is YouTube Red? Do People Need this new subscription service?

Yesterday, the world’s biggest video portal announced that it will soon resolve the issue that has been annoying its users for years with a new subscription plan called YouTube Red.

To be launched in the US on October 28 and worldwide soon after, YouTube Red is a membership plan that will cost users $9.99 (iOS users $12.99) a month and will deliver a complete ad-free video watching experience with a few more features. These extra features include:

  • Save videos & playlists to watch offline
  • Let YouTube video run in the background (when the app is minimized)
  • Exclusive access to YouTube Original Series and Movies (will be introduced in early 2016)

Another highlight of YouTube Red is that it will work with Google Play Music, a to-be-launched music related video discovering and streaming service. Google Play Music is also a $9.99 per month service. So, by paying for one, users will automatically get access to the other.

YouTube has certainly introduced YouTube Red as a solution. But apparently, it will have a tough time justifying it. There are many third-party solutions that already address the concerns that YouTube is promising to solve with YouTube Red.

A major part of the YouTube’s user base is already enjoying an interrupted video watching experience by using the browser extension Adblock. Offline streaming feature has also been made available on YouTube mobile app after the Google’s I/O Developer Conference earlier this year. Besides, there are many other third-party applications (although not strictly legal) that let people download YouTube videos and transfer them across devices.

However, YouTube Red with Google Play Music will certainly have an edge over existing on-demand music services like Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora, as it will also unlock YouTube’s entire video database for users without ads.

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Introducing YouTube Red will also split the YouTube’s revenue generation model into two parts. First is the existing one in which YouTube and video creators make money via ads. And the second will serve those content creators & distribution networks who have signed up for the YouTube Red program. YouTube claims that it has already managed to register most of the content creators to YouTube Red.

Clearly, the earnings for latter group of video creators will directly depend on how many users will sign-up for YouTube Red. So, it would be interesting to see how this new service will work out after its launch.

How do you view this YouTube upgrade? Share with us below.

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FATbit Technologies participating in the 2015 edition of TiEcon Delhi

Come October and the eyes of all technology enthusiasts turn towards the national capital as the mother of all technology conferences begins today. The North India chapter of the much talked about and one of the world’s largest gatherings of entrepreneurs and innovators, TiEcon, has started with much fanfare and enthusiasm. This conference helps young, dynamic & smart founders of today come together and connect with potential mentors, investors and collaborators.

FATbit Technologies participating in the 2015 edition of TiEcon Delhi

FATbit, one of the premier web design and development companies of Chandigarh tricity, has been a regular participant of this event. This year too, FATbit attends the event with numerous innovative products in its arsenal. The company unveils following products aimed at entrepreneurs, looking to bring their ideas to reality:

  • Yo!Kart A multivendor eCommerce system
  • Yo!Deals Daily deal system
  • Yo!Success Success stories of startups & entrepreneurs
  • Bizixx Online project management system

TiECon Delhi 2015 starts with much fanfare with FATbit as a participant

In addition to it, FATbit also aims at pitting its digital solutions at the forefront including eCommerce, mobile applications, Digital Marketing, Online Branding, UX optimization and Conversion Optimization. The first day marked a massive positive response for FATbit with high hopes of more engagement on the second day. To have one-to-one interaction with our expert team at TiEcon Delhi, reach out to us at stall number 42-43 or visit our website

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YoKart Multivendor Ecommerce Solution – High on Features, Low on Price

YoKart is becoming the first choice for startups interested in entering ecommerce industry. Designed by talented team of designers and developers, this turnkey solution has a range of advanced features like three layer security, robust report generation, and customizable design. In addition to this, you also get features like order processing, customer groups and intuitive interface for as low as $250. Watch this video to find out more about YoKart. (DEMO)

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Top Recommended News, Tips and Tutorials on Online Business Marketing, SEO & Social Media

Online marketing is evolving very quickly, and you need to stay updated to generate maximum business mileage for your business and clients. We bring for you the hottest news, tips and tutorials about social media, SEO and other online marketing channels:

1. 7 Sins of Small Businesses that Lead to Social Media Failure

Social media has simplified the internet marketing for small businesses. But the trouble is, most small businesses fail to seize these unlocked marketing opportunities. The ease of using social media triggers them to jump in right away. But then starts a series of common mistakes that lead them towards a messy social presence instead of an influencing one. What are these common social media mistakes that most small businesses repeat, let’s find out … Continue reading →

Top Recommended News, Tips, Tutorials on Online Business Marketing, SEO, Social Media

2. Tips On How To Make Your Online Store Popular

How can you make your online store popular might be a big question for you right now, but here’s some useful SEO tips to make it well known among potential buyers … Continue reading →

Tips On How To Make Your Online Store Popular

3. 8 Ways You Can Build Your Dream Business

The economic downturn has taken its toll on Canadians and Americans – business owners and workers alike. Many of those who lost their jobs had to take substantial pay cuts in order to work, or worse, no work at all out there … Continue reading →

8 Ways You Can Build Your Dream Business

4. Upto 80% Discount on Yo!Kart Multivendor Ecommerce Store

If you are thinking of starting your own multivendor ecommerce website, then, now is the best time. The ever popular Yo!Kart multivendor ecommerce system has slashed its prices by up to 80% for Go Quick and Go Custom packages. You can now get this custom ecommerce system with advanced features like order processing, customer groups, robust reporting and intuitive interface … Continue reading →
Upto 80% Discount On Yo!kart Multivendor Ecommerce Store

5. Internet Marketing: Why Local Business Directories Matter

Local business directories are an often overlooked key in consumers’ purchase process.These sites serve as portals that lead customers to the business they need. Since the directory sites have a larger marketing budget than most single small businesses, they are able to use that to generate visibility, promote brand recognition, and drive traffic … Continue reading →

6. Top 5 Ways to Promote Your Google+ Profile for Your Business

Amid the craze of social media sites, Google+ has made a comparatively moderate progress. However, if we talk about the stats, number of registered users on Google+ has already crossed the bar of 1 billion. Plus, as a matter of fact, a recent Moz study also showed that Google +1s can help boost a website’s search engine ranking. All these facts & figures make Google+ one of the most valuable business assets for a brand. So, how you can promote your brand’s Google+ profile to make it help your business grow, let’s find out … Continue reading →

Top 5 Ways to Promote Your Google+ Profile for Your Business

7. An Evening With Digital Marketing Trends: Social Media, SEO & PPC

Ever evolving customer expectations and new technological innovations mean digital marketing is constantly changing. The marketer who sits ahead of the curve is the one who will sit ahead of the competition… Continue reading →

An Evening With Digital Marketing Trends: Social Media, SEO & PPC

8. Why to prefer WordPress to Blogger for SEO

Which is better for blogging? Blogger or WordPress? Blogger and WordPress are the two most popular blogging platforms  and most people generally start their blog on Blogger because it’s simple to start with but once their blog gets popular they try to move their content to WordPress because WordPress offers more customization options of themes and plugins… Continue reading →

Why to prefer WordPress to Blogger for SEO

9. 5 Tips for Running Your Best Social Media Campaign Ever

It’s our job to help brands run incredible social media campaigns. Whether this is your first social media marketing campaign or you’re a seasoned expert—we’ll walk you through the 5 things you need to do in order to run your best social media campaign to date… Continue reading →

5 Tips for Running Your Best Social Media Campaign Ever

10. Why Looking at Your Total SEO Traffic is Just Dead Wrong

Website traffic is a complex thing. I have spent the last decade analyzing it and I can tell you with certainty that most people don’t understand important subtleties in their online traffic. In this post, I want to talk about some of those. Let’s start out with a couple non-SEO related items and then we will jump into SEO specifically.… Continue reading →

Why Looking at Your Total SEO Traffic is Just Dead Wrong

We are passionate about online marketing, and love to bring the freshest content for our readers from all over the internet. Stay tuned with us to get the latest of online marketing, SEO, social media, and tech news.

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New CrunchBase- Less demanding with Powerful Search & Contribution Features

Ever since its launch in 2007, CrunchBase has been a precious source of information about major organizations, new businesses, and investors in the tech ecosystem. Its team was working on major design overhaul for the last one year, and the result of their hard work is finally live as CrunchBase 2.0

New CrunchBase- Less demanding with Powerful Search & Contribution Features

The new CrunchBase is easier to use and features a card-based design created to look just as good on a mobile screen as on a desktop. It is built to outline a new way of information discovery which was missing in previous version of the site.

Once logged in, visitors will be able to click ‘Edit’ button on any of the cards and immediately add new information. Our team of UX designers and developers found the new Crunchbase highly engaging and usability focused. All the cards are highly relevant to its user base and will surely improve the overall experience.

Visit and share your thoughts about its new design & features. We will keep you updated about the latest technology updates occurring across the web. So, keep in touch!

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