Brick & Mortar Tailors, It’s Time to Take Your Business Online with Stitch

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Shopping, ordering food from local restaurants, travel tickets booking, doctor appointment scheduling – everything is happening online today. This technological revolution that internet has brought in past few years has changed consumer behavior greatly. And as a result, today people rely heavily on the internet to accomplish various day-to-day tasks.

As a brick & mortar tailor, if you haven’t yet thought of capitalizing on the reliance of consumers on internet, then it’s time to modernize your custom tailoring business with technology, take it online, and serve your customers in the way they want to be.

Your customers will love it

On an online custom tailoring website, customers can choose fabric, pattern, and stitching style for their custom tailored clothes, as well as provide their measurement (this may require one-time visit to the offline store). After the order is placed, tailoring begins at the physical store in the usual manner. Once…

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Veenu Sharma is a Digital Marketing expert at FATbit Technologies. She enjoys exploring web and also develops content for startups, businesses and marketers. She has created content on diverse topics including ecommerce, internet marketing, startups opportunities, traffic generation & niche markets etc.
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