A Profitable Business at Low Cost – Launch Online Travel Activity Booking Platform with FunAway

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With almost 10% year-over- year growth, the online travel industry is definitely a luring area to begin with for aspiring entrepreneurs. In 2015 alone, more than 148 million online travel booking happened across the world, and undoubtedly, online bookings for leisure travel was the most popular categories of all.

Considering above-mentioned stats from an entrepreneurial point of view, it makes obvious sense that launching an online travel activity search & booking platform now is a very good idea.

In fact, there are already plenty of online travel activity marketplaces offering this service and enjoying a decent growth. However, most of these businesses are targeting a very specific market & the sector is far from reaching a saturation point; consequently, there is lot of scope for new entrants.

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Travel Booking Portal

FunAway is technology solution (ready-made website script) that allows aspiring entrepreneurs to enter online travel industry at the…

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