What Is YouTube Red? Do People Need this new subscription service?

There are two major vibes associated with YouTube across the world. People love it for allowing them to watch any video they want. But, at the same time, they hate it for bombarding all the ads that botch up their video watching experience.

What Is YouTube Red? Do People Need this new subscription service?

Yesterday, the world’s biggest video portal announced that it will soon resolve the issue that has been annoying its users for years with a new subscription plan called YouTube Red.

To be launched in the US on October 28 and worldwide soon after, YouTube Red is a membership plan that will cost users $9.99 (iOS users $12.99) a month and will deliver a complete ad-free video watching experience with a few more features. These extra features include:

  • Save videos & playlists to watch offline
  • Let YouTube video run in the background (when the app is minimized)
  • Exclusive access to YouTube Original Series and Movies (will be introduced in early 2016)

Another highlight of YouTube Red is that it will work with Google Play Music, a to-be-launched music related video discovering and streaming service. Google Play Music is also a $9.99 per month service. So, by paying for one, users will automatically get access to the other.

YouTube has certainly introduced YouTube Red as a solution. But apparently, it will have a tough time justifying it. There are many third-party solutions that already address the concerns that YouTube is promising to solve with YouTube Red.

A major part of the YouTube’s user base is already enjoying an interrupted video watching experience by using the browser extension Adblock. Offline streaming feature has also been made available on YouTube mobile app after the Google’s I/O Developer Conference earlier this year. Besides, there are many other third-party applications (although not strictly legal) that let people download YouTube videos and transfer them across devices.

However, YouTube Red with Google Play Music will certainly have an edge over existing on-demand music services like Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora, as it will also unlock YouTube’s entire video database for users without ads.

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Introducing YouTube Red will also split the YouTube’s revenue generation model into two parts. First is the existing one in which YouTube and video creators make money via ads. And the second will serve those content creators & distribution networks who have signed up for the YouTube Red program. YouTube claims that it has already managed to register most of the content creators to YouTube Red.

Clearly, the earnings for latter group of video creators will directly depend on how many users will sign-up for YouTube Red. So, it would be interesting to see how this new service will work out after its launch.

How do you view this YouTube upgrade? Share with us below.

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