Yo!Kart – Changing Ecommerce Industry, 1 Multivendor Store at a Time

People nowadays prefer shopping online to visiting malls and neighborhood stores. This has given rise to online super stores (aka multivendor stores) like Amazon and Etsy. Few years ago, setting up such online marketplaces was a major challenge for aspiring entrepreneurs due to technology and cost constraints. This interestingly is the challenge that Yo!Kart has overcome.

The eCommerce store script developed by FATbit Technologies delivers a multivendor store that brings:

  • Powerful features
  • Superior technology
  • Cost advantage

Yo!Kart Reviews Overview, Pricing and Features

But these points only gives a general picture of how Yo!Kart is changing eCommerce industry. Let’s delve deeper and get acquainted with actual benefits of building your multivendor eCommerce portal:

UX focus and custom design

It is a proven fact that turnkey solutions created with concepts of user experience in mind perform better. Yo!Kart is the result of detailed UX planning by experienced professionals, and has been created to give multivendor stores the advantage of better visitor engagement. Provision of custom design is also part of its UX and branding focus.

UX focus and custom design multivendor system

Enhanced security

Popular multivendor stores clock transactions worth millions every day. That’s why special emphasis is required from security point of view. Yo!Kart packs sturdy security enhancements on client and server side to make the platform nothing less than ironclad. From shoppers to merchants, everyone benefits from this.

Automate demanding tasks

Order sorting, tax estimation, and shipping cost calculation are unique challenges that come with multivendor stores. Yo!Kart simplifies such daunting tasks with its cutting edge technology, and gives site owners ease of management. Besides that, it supports multiple payment gateways for maximum conversions.

Check out all the Yo!Kart features

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Search engine mileage

New online stores need every traffic source they can muster to gain recognition as a brand. So, it just isn’t possible to ignore the search angle. Multivendor stores powered by Yo!Kart carry the potential to dominate first page results of popular search engines, and generates more sales. This also means more store profits.

Ease for merchants

Merchants love online stores that are built with seller needs in mind. To bring maximum number of merchants on board, Yo!Kart integrated smart features to manage products, offers and discounts. Fitted with easy-to-use CMS, this multivendor ecommerce store script also makes content management very easy.

Ease for merchants multivendor store

Informed decision making

Store owners need data to make strategic decisions and create marketing strategies. Gathering such insights can be difficult in the absence of data gathering and reporting tools. Yo!Kart packs powerful report generation capabilities to get insights related to sales, orders, cart abandonment, and much more.

Multivendor clone scripts and problem of plenty

There is no dearth of multivendor eCommerce store scripts in the market and most carry similar feature framework. This is the reason why young entrepreneurs planning to launch online stores often get confused while choosing a ready solution. The solution lies in choosing a script that not only brings amazing features but also derives benefit from UX, conversion and management.

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Planning to launch a multivendor store? Choose a flexible script with impressive features or hire an experienced team to create it from scratch. Only then you can attain the cult status of eBay, Amazon and Etsy.

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About Sandeep Thakur

Sandeep Thakur works as Internet Marketing Strategist at FATbit Technologies and has been active in the online marketing industry for many years. He is also the online marketing consultant of FATbit’s leading product Yo!Kart, a multivendor ecommerce system to launch ecommerce stores at low price. More Info link:http://www.fatbit.com/website-design-company/multi-vendor-ecommerce-system.html Follow on Twitter: @sandeepsktr
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