Don’t ignore the significance of Web and Mobile Application Security Testing

What is Security Testing?

The consumer application market has seen huge growth in the past few years. These web and mobile based applications provide convenience access to online services. With the advent of time, these e-commerce applications have become one of the primary methods of interaction between consumers as well as businesses worldwide. These e-commerce applications also have access to consumer’s personal identifiable information (PII), bank accounts, and credit card data as well as email accounts. In order to keep all this information secure there is a need to incorporate E-commerce website security testing.

Website Security Testing

Security Testing in Web Applications

In a rush to get online, many small-to-medium sized businesses hastily build their websites as well as web applications without putting any emphasis on security. Most of these SMBs are aloof on the importance of web application security testing. This leaves the sensitive information of the consumers exposed resulting in a potential online security attack.

The big question to ask yourself is what would happen if all the organization confidential data is stolen after a security breach in your web application. The picture surely will not be pretty. There have been many studies that have shown that web applications that are hit with a security breach tends to lose trust of the customer which can result is loss of revenue.

Security Testing in Mobile Applications

Smartphones are the future and mobile applications are surely the backbone of smartphones. The fact of the matter is that mobile app testing is more complex than website or web application testing. As new technology comes into existence, various vulnerabilities arise making it easy for any hacker to get unauthorized access. The only possible solution to this problem is utilizing a hybrid approach that involves mobile application security testing services. It begins with identifying and repairing bugs as well security loopholes based on the individual platform.

FATbit Experts Solutions

FATbit provides a range of mobile and website security testing services to help with the security of your network. Whether you’re dealing with a mobile app or web app or another platform, FATbit has specialists that fit your needs. With our proven methodology and robust security expertise, we have been serving as a continuous partner to many organizations in keeping their app as healthy and secure as possible. For more information Read,


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