6 On-Page SEO Best Practices For Top Google Ranking in 2016

Last Update: 06 January, 2016

Spending thousands of dollars in marketing cannot get you on first page in Google. Your first job should be to optimize your site as per best ON page SEO practices. While this will not guarantee first page ranking, it will make your site Google friendly and thus make it eligible for ranking.

Our team of SEO experts brings for you 6 crucial ON page SEO tags that can make or break your game with Google.

Take care of these tags in your ON page optimization work, and prepare your site for better Google visibility:

Canonical tag – Used to handle the issue of similar content in multiple pages, this tag protects your site from Google penalization.

Robots.txt file – Wrong usage of this tag can make your website invisible to Google crawlers. Make sure your site gets this tag right. Read more about this best on page SEO practice.

404 Errors – Google emphasis on user experience makes the right usage of this tag critical. Use this tag at relevant places to improve visibility.

Robot Meta tags – While the recommended & default option of this tag is Index & Follow, you need to make the changes if some pages ought to be no-index or no-follow.

Href Lang Tag – Used to serve relevant language content, this tag not only helps Google furnish better results but also improves UX.

301 redirection – This tag is used to redirect traffic from a page that is no longer relevant for user but important for some reason.

These on-page SEO factors will help you in making your site Google friendly. Visit this link to read in detail about all the points listed above.

To make your website rank on Google’s first page however, you need to do additional on-page & off-page work. Get in touch with top SEO experts for website analysis, and rank high on Google with best SEO practices.

About Saurabh Thakur

A social media strategist and specialist, Saurabh Thakur helps companies in promoting their business across all social media platforms. And expert is social media marketing, he knows how to portray a brand’s products and services in the most effective manner on social networking sites. His interests in writing and exploring the world of World Wide Web, make his work more valuable.
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    Yes! Finally someone writes about this.


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