Annotations are OUT & Cards are IN- YouTube makes VIDEO more Engaging

The clickable text overlays are soon going to be eloped from YouTube as you’ve got the cards to engage with viewers. Instead of odd annotations, you can use a compact card, which includes an image, title and a call to action. But, it’s not all; you have more to see in these cards.

Youtube Cards

What’s new in YouTube Cards?

Annotations that call to subscribe or like a video are outmoded as users don’t like them anymore. So, for uploaders who want to promote their video across web, YouTube has come up with a more user-friendly feature i.e. cards. These cards can be linked to:

  • Associate Websites
  • Fan Funding sources
  • Fundraising
  • Merchandise
  • Video or Play lists

The annotations however give limited options (video, playlist, channel, g+, subscribe, fundraising) and do not work on mobile devices.1234

If we compare link options of both cards and annotations, the new options of ‘associate websites’ is the actual treat as it offers opportunity to professionals, individuals and businesses to attract traffic towards their site. Let’s see how best they use it.

Good news is that YouTube cards work on all devices

Yes, viewers can see a card on any mobile device, smartphone, and tablet as easily as they would do on a desktop. So uploaders have more chances to attract and engage mobile users through videos now.

You can choose to show it at any point without annoying users as it does not pop up abruptly. Viewers can view the card by clicking through the sign on the top right of video.


About Saurabh Thakur

A social media strategist and specialist, Saurabh Thakur helps companies in promoting their business across all social media platforms. And expert is social media marketing, he knows how to portray a brand’s products and services in the most effective manner on social networking sites. His interests in writing and exploring the world of World Wide Web, make his work more valuable.
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