Google to show only Mobile Friendly Websites in Search Results – The Countdown Begins

Here comes April 21 and Google is ready to reveal its mobile friendly search results. As announced more than a month ago, the search engine giant is going to offer an edge to mobile apps and responsive websites over non-responsive in mobile search results.

Google mobile search algorithm update

  • Is your website Easy to read?

  • Are your website links easy to click?

  • Does your webpage resize automatically as per the screens of various mobile users?

Beware if not. All the above said parameters will decide the fate of your website tomorrow onwards in Google mobile searches as Google’s new algorithm will rank responsive websites higher.

FATbit Technologies

A major ranking turbulence is foreseeable when we know that 60 % of online traffic depends on mobile users. Our Search engine analysts will keep you updated on the actual state of results after Google reveals its new mobile search.

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As of now the query is, ‘which businesses will be majorly impacted with this update?’ Share your views on this with us below.

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A social media strategist and specialist, Saurabh Thakur helps companies in promoting their business across all social media platforms. And expert is social media marketing, he knows how to portray a brand’s products and services in the most effective manner on social networking sites. His interests in writing and exploring the world of World Wide Web, make his work more valuable.
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