Review Alert! – Most Interesting TripAdvisor-Reviews Based Posts

TripAdvisor rules web with its 41.6 million monthly users and features 40million hotel & restaurants’ reviews worldwide. With plenty of feedbacks online, this reviews system has stolen major space on web. Few of TripAdvisor’s topics that are taking web by storm these days are below:

 Review Topics that make news on web about TripAdvisors' Reviews

New Zealand hit by one-star TripAdvisor reviews

Usually we come across post on ‘remove TripAdvisor reveiws’ but this particular gets popularity for it ‘one-star’ mention. Here’s a story about hilarious one start reviews of places in New Zealand. It seems like the reviewers have a word to share on everything and anything.

Apple Maps Using TripAdvisor Reviews in Some Searches

Big news that has been making rounds about this consumer review site is that of Apple maps showing TripAdvisor in search. As per reports, there could be a partnership with and TripAdvsior behind it. Read more about it.

Why Do People bother With Tripadvisor?

Forums & communities are no less for that matter; they are buzzing equally. Questions posted there reveal true inquisitiveness as well as multiplicity of emotions including hostility, scorn, letdown etc. From user rating to tips, everything is poured out there. This thought provoking update on TripAvisor ratings is somewhat similar.

Why TripAdvisor is getting a bad review?

The site gives immense power to consumer in the form of 6m photos & unlimited text. This is probably the biggest reason why TripAdvisor gets enough bad reviews. This post in TheGuardian has pulled out various reasons responsible for negative reviews on TripAdvisor. If you look upon them, you will realize that no business can stand or defend negative reviews neatly on web. Is it that TripAdvisor making bad reviews popular or vice versa? Segregate all facts behind so many TripAdvisor bad reviews.

How to Write a Review on TripAdvisor

Writing review on TripAdvisor is not a herculean task. You have two options, sign in with your Facebook account or register as new user. You can start writing a review directly but it will be submitted only after you make the choice of signup, which actually appears on hitting the submit button.

You can take any place, hotel, restaurant or vacation spot to review in TripAdvisor and share your experience freely. Rate it, add images or speak your heart out, TripAdvisor offers you all. Learn more about writing a TripAdvisor review.

 How to Write a Review on TripAdvisor

10 of the Craziest TripAdvisor Reviews Ever

Reviews are not just spiteful but crazy too. There are many of them on TripAdvisor, which serve as sharing stock than serious advice. These are few craziest reviews where customers don’t just sound unhappy but creative too and blurt out their anger making their reviews viral with interesting connotations. You will find similar crazy Trip Advisor reviews in a post by Yahoo.

TripAdvisor review goes viral after restaurant owner Kiren Puri replies to complaint

It’s rare to see restaurant owners reply to negative reviews although reputation management experts suggest this. In most of the cases (even if they do) the bad situation turns into worse; this apparently restrains other business owners to follow in the footsteps of failed defendants. Here is another story, which actually got viral after the restaurant owner wrote approximately 1000 words or may be longer reply. The title says, ‘THE RESPONSE IN FULL: ‘TELL THE TRUTH. LYING IS NOT COOL NOR CLEVER

Trip Advisor bad review ‘fine’ to be refunded by Blackpool hotel

The story of Blackpool hotel is no old and how they had to return £100 to a White haven couple makes it more popular among users. Retired van driver Mr. Jenkinson were charged by company after they went online and shared the bad experience of staying for a night in their hotel. Read about the complete tussle of TripAdvisor bad review ‘fine’.

Will TripAdvisor Remove Bad Reviews?

It’s the topmost query online and most of the businesses ask us time and again. You don’t know how big the trap is until you are entangled. That’s the story of several hotel, restaurants, clubs, etc. which come across adverse online reviews for the first time. The matter of fact is that no business owner has the right to delete a TripAdvisor review but there is still room for dealing with fake, unreasonable customer reviews provided you meet few conditions laid by this user feedback site. The guidelines of TripAdvisor reviews are transparent and clearly suggest of the rights that business owners have in their kit.

As reputation repair and management company, FATbit keeps close watch on the jiving bustles of digital reputation world. If you have similar stories, a popular scoop, a viral spoof on any of reputation, reviews, TripAdvisor, Yelp or similar topics, do share with us in comments. We will feature them in our top posts.


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