Helpouts to become history – Google Announces Shutdown on April 2015

If you have ever used Google Helpouts as a provider or as a user, then, we have bad news for you. Google has announced shutdown of its Helpouts Community by saying “so long” to its members. Tweet: Why has Google announced #HelpoutsShutdown? started Helpouts in November 2013 with a vision to create an active community for people who want to learn, and teach over the internet.

Helpouts to become history – Google Announces Shutdown on April 2015

Verified Helpouts providers taught people across the world vast range of skills such as cooking, languages, music, and fitness. When the product was launched by Google back in 2013, we covered it through a blog post. Check it out to learn everything about Google Helpouts!

Google Helpouts was based on a strong business model and launched as a venture with potential to make money. So, why has Google taken the decision to shut down its Helpouts community?

Let’s find out.

Why has Google announced Helpouts shutdown?

It often happens that when a product doesn’t perform as per expectations, the company discontinues it. Something similar has happened to Google Helpouts.

Saying so long to our Helpouts community

Google thinks that its Helpouts platform has not grown on a good pace. The expectations were not met even after many tries and hence Google has taken the final decision to take down the young community.

What will happen to your profile after ‘Google Helpouts’ shutdown?

‘Google Helpouts’ shutdown has affected providers who made money from the platform. As Google shuts down Helpouts on 20th April, 2015, users will not be able to access the website. However, you’ll get an option to download your entire Helpouts history with the help of ‘Google Takeouts’ which will be available till 1st November 2015. All data including sessions, user and provider accounts etc. will be deleted thereafter.

Recently Google also closed down Gtalk and replaced it with Hangouts. While that’s a different story, tell us what you feel about the closure of Helpouts by Google. Share your thoughts in the comments section and let’s have a discussion.


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  1. Fred Ank says:

    Hm infront forums there is no scope for google help outs ,

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