Twitter Cards for Ecommerce websites- Smart Selling for online business

Twitter cards for Ecommerce Websites promise higher sales & growth. That’s why online shopping stores are increasingly adopting product cards to market their business on twitter. Using these cards can give more exposure to your products & add to net sales & profits eventually.

Twitter Cards for Ecommerce websites- Smart Selling for online business

What are Twitter Product Cards?

Twitter card for eCommerce websites is a richer display version of a tweet which includes a large image or a video, upto 200 characters text (unlike 140 characters of regular tweets) & two more specifications about a product. You can add any of two more product features like price, size, ratings, color etc. It can be a call-to-action or just a piece of related information.

How Tweet cards benefit online retail stores?

  • Brings more clicks when people retweet or check out a link.
  • More than 50% increase in Leads (As per tests).
  • Twitter cards are more appealing & engaging. If you have a powerful storefront then you can earn more sales too as product cards attract more attention.

Use Twitter Card Analytics for better results

After offering advanced Ecommerce solution in the form of twitter cards, the social media giant rolled out analytics to view the progress. With it, you can observe how followers react to your cards & their content. Tracking clicks, retweets & cards performance is quite a help that it gives you.

Twitter cards bring down the troubles of reaching your target audience and give more exposure to a business. It is emerging as the latest twitter marketing trend in eCommerce business world. But to grab all benefits, you must play your product cards smartly. Make the most of it to boost your eCommerce sales.

You can use Twitter Cards for

  • Launching a new product
  • Running a contest
  • Lead generation
  • Video sharing
  • Attracting attention through Trending topics.

How to add Twitter Product Cards to your eCommerce Website?

You just need a product web design & image to start using twitter cards. Get Meta tags from Twitter’s Developer site & include that on your website. After placing tags you can check through Twitter’s Card Validator tool and get approval within 5-10 days.

In case, you lack understanding of tags & tools

Take professional assistance for adopting twitter cards


About Sandeep Thakur

Sandeep Thakur works as Internet Marketing Strategist at FATbit Technologies and has been active in the online marketing industry for many years. He is also the online marketing consultant of FATbit’s leading product Yo!Kart, a multivendor ecommerce system to launch ecommerce stores at low price. More Info link: Follow on Twitter: @sandeepsktr
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