Internet Marketing Recommendation for Newbies & Seasoned Businesses – Part III (CONVERT)

Work on boosting conversion rate once you have followed the essential tips to engage users (mentioned in our last post). Engaging audience is futile until you accomplish the end goal. Hence, conversion rate optimization comes in the picture when you are not reaping desired benefits from your marketing actions.

Your website gets traffic but fails to convert it despite of enough time spent by a visitor indicates problem in the conversion funnel. Improve it with the help of conversion experts to get more leads/sales.

Know your target audience

Knowing includes all about user behavior like age, profession, occupation, emotional needs, and shopping disappointments. Without having precise knowledge of how your target buyers react, you can never know how they decide to shop.

To Bring Traffic & Sales to your Website

Enhance User experience (UXO)

Optimizing your website for user experience may not be required if your web design company has followed UX guidelines while creating a site. It includes the information architecture, visual design, content & interaction design. Check out if your website meets user expectations aptly or else hire UX experts before investing in other marketing techniques. You may not be able to earn benefits of your marketing plan until your website delivers required user experience.

Pay Attention to Page Flow

The flow of page is crucial for conversion funnel as most of the functional issues are directly related to it. Try to analyze where a potential buyer gets stuck while buying something. A few changes can work wonder if made sagaciously. Sometimes, this is as simple as button placement on the page but turns out productive only after professional website testing.Professional Website Testing

The more common type errors include non-acceptance of preferred method of payment or involving too many steps. Removing such errors can take the visitors to end goal in no time.

Add case studies & testimonials to you site

Reading case studies give your users a reason to trust you. A case study has bigger power than any blog post or promotional copy as in it you talk about the real figures earned and real troubles fixed. Sharing your experiences & clients’ feedback on a site gives visitors an easy way to get familiar and take the final action.

The success rate of well written case studies & correctly presented testimonials is higher than those of promotional copies in context of lead generation.

Use Trustmark on site

Trustmark are the symbols/images/logos that add credibility to a business. It gives assurance of security and privacy to users who land on a site, especially an ecommerce platform.Trustmark security and privacyConvert Blog Visitors into Subscribers

Blog is an important and usually ignored area of a website. Usually businesses get satisfied with readers and rarely think or work upon converting them into loyal user base, whereas it can be used for successful inbound marketing by encouraging blog subscription, especially mail.

Internet marketingPut your ‘to subscribe’ message above the fold or display on sidebar, so that it takes prominent attention and converts visitors into leads. This is one of the best ways to generate quality leads as the readers who stay on a blog are somehow associated with the industry that a site belongs to.

Use effective CTAs

Make your offers clear through convincing copy whether it mentions free consultation or newsletter signup. With effective call-to-action and simple checkout process, you can bring down the bounce rate and get better ROI.

Earn More Revenue by planning your Leads & Sales Conversion Strategy

Involve Experts

Engage your Customers with CTA

As internet marketing experts, FATbit recommends you to set goals before planning your online marketing. Divide it in phases so that you can measure growth too. For a new website, it is most important to focus on research and planning as it has to start from scratch and any aimless action can delay the growth.

You can share your website related problems with our Internet Marketing experts and get valuable solutions to increase your online presence thereby boosting profits.

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