Internet Marketing Recommendation for Newbies & Seasoned Businesses – Part II (ENGAGE)

We discussed about the productive ways to attract online traffic in our previous post. Moving on to internet marketing techniques that can help you utilize the clicks and visits received, here is the Part II of this series.

There is no use of traffic if it goes unused due to poor user engagement. Generally businesses focus too much on attracting customers and contribute less to making them stay, wasting the traffic eventually. Just attracting visits to your site will not help generate revenue. To grow sales, you will need to make users interested in your brand, business and products/services. That’s the second most important step of online marketing.

Phase – II

Make the Users Explore More

How to engage users online? You will get various tips, strategies and tactics to read in this context but that’s very rare to see a company telling you actual ways that help connecting with users. Content marketing is the only way you can choose to engage users, nurture leads and increase brand awareness. Following this technique, you will not only acquire certain audience but also drive them to take further action. Moreover a variety of content can be used for upselling/cross-selling & customer retention.

To Bring Traffic & Sales to your Website

Below are few content marketing strategies suggested by our team to make your business familiar & trustable in customers’ eyes:

Create Videos

Videos are quite in these days. Marketing a business using internet needs no jargon; you just have to be simple, clear and most importantly understandable to your clients. Follow these tips to market your business through video:

  • Create an explainer video for your business and add it to your home page. People, especially youngsters like to watch videos instead of reading your ‘about us’ section. A video that describes your products/services aptly in one to two minutes is worth million words.
  • You can use them for various promotion & branding purposes too as videos are good source of customer engagement. Doing so can help tremendously in boosting conversion rate and make your advertising campaign effective.
  • Upload impressive videos on video sharing sites like YouTube and popular social networks to gain customer attention and popularity.

Design Infographics

Infographics are the most convenient medium to share data based or extensive information in compact form. So, startups and established businesses can use them to market content online. Engrossing users is most important once you have managed to bring them to your page and visual content can do it the best. As online marketing strategy it has great mass appeal & so is used widely by marketers for advertising & promotional & branding content. Create infographics for:

  • Engaging target audience
  • Building user base
  • Enhancing brand awareness & pushing sales

Offer Quality Content – Promote your Business – Get More Clients


Use innovative PPTs

Creative PowerPoint presentations are useful for businesses that want to communicate any idea to larger audience. Make your goals and business philosophy known to potential customers in simple manner. PPTs can be a good source of user engagement whether you are new to an industry or own old business. As a medium of content marketing it has strong emotional appeal.

  • Create accurate copy and graphics to can make your story worth sharing through PPTs.
  • Embed PPTs to your business site and share on high authority platforms to get maximum mileage out of your marketing campaign.

Invest in Mobile APPs

Apps are meaningful to engage mobile users. Integrate it with social media platforms and use your business app to stay connected with target users. People who do not have time to spend on computers or work on the go can be best targeted using mobile apps. Make use of personalized content to connect with mobile users. They can be a great source to grow your customer base as smartphone users have more tendencies to participate in forums/social-networks and share.

 Build Blog

Having a blog can never be out of fashion as it not only engages but can act as big way to attract new users, promote your product & services and generate valuable leads. Blogging is an integral part of internet marketing and no tip or tactics can replace it ever.

  • Your website’s blog is one area which users explore most after homepage. So, write actionable blog posts offering content that people actually want to read.
  • Do impressive storytelling, choose meaningful topics, prompting CTAs along with entertaining content is a necessity for your online business.
  • Link your blog posts to get search engine benefits.

internet marketing

 More Tips for effective Content Marketing:

  • Use content curation tools like Storify, Feedly and EverPost to plan user-focused content strategy.
  • Contribute unique and quality content to high authority content-creation sites like Prezi, Slidshare, Quora etc.
  • Promote your content by adding social buttons. Share it on your social profiles and business networks.
  • Make use of best content management tools for managing content of various social media networks and content sharing sites. HootSuite, Tweetdeck, TrackMaven etc. are few of the top rated tools in this category.
  • Use Google analytics and keep manual checks to measure readers’ response. Track likes, shares to know what leaves an impact and what not.

 It is essential for both new and old businesses to invest in content marketing for customer targeting. Most on the internet users research about a business online. The more they read and get to know about a brand the higher they feel familiar to it. Branding and sales is so heavily dependent on the content published online about you. Focus on right marketing techniques to make sure that people find trustable inputs about you and consider you for purchase.

Engage your Customers with Actionable Content- Use Creative bent along with Market knowledge

Appoint Professionals

With user engagement you win 2/3 of sales battle, but to get through the whole process of sales, your business great conversion ability too. Learn “how to convert a visitor into buyer” in the next part of our internet marketing guide.

 For any queries related to this post, you can leave your comments below.


About Sandeep Thakur

Sandeep Thakur works as Internet Marketing Strategist at FATbit Technologies and has been active in the online marketing industry for many years. He is also the online marketing consultant of FATbit’s leading product Yo!Kart, a multivendor ecommerce system to launch ecommerce stores at low price. More Info link: Follow on Twitter: @sandeepsktr
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