Do Social Media Monitoring To Retain Your Online Reputation

Usually businesses hire social media marketing companies with a consideration of enhancing brand awareness or driving traffic. But, it’s not just your brand popularity that can get affected by poor social media presence, but the overall online reputation, since it is in the hands of your fans and followers.

Social Media Marketing & ORM are Interlinked

(Don’t treat them Separately)

social media marketing

Do you think social media helps in bringing referrals & traffic only? Well, that’s a thing of past as social networks pose unexpected and immense risk to your online reputation. If not monitored constantly and controlled wisely, your social presence can disrupt regular traffic and close doors for new visitors too.

After few latest Google updates, review sites have the upper hand in search results and this calls for a serious action in context of social media control. We tell you, WHY the online review sites like Yelp give sharing options such as ‘send to a friend’, ‘link to this review’ making it all difficult for a negative review to escape from the sight of potential visitors. So, if a disgruntled customer has left bad review on a site, he/she can easily spread it and make it viral through Facebook, twitter & other high traffic networks. In no time, your negative link can top SERPs as the search engine prefers user generated content (Greater the clicks, higher the damage).

Disadvantages of ineffective social media monitoring:

  • -Decrease in traffic
  • -Drop in sales, revenue and profit
  • -Brand damage

To prevent all these losses, businesses are required to follow following techniques:

– Monitor your routine social media activities, as it helps you keep a check on negative mentions and leaves room for damage control. The sooner it gets discovered the better you can control the disaster.

– Do not overreact on a negative reaction, if you come across one. You have to respond quickly but not aggressively while dealing with public spats on social networks.

– Make your social media profiles authoritative enough to deal with all kinds of negative links whether they come from review sites or forums or any other domain. Social profiles rank higher in Google search results and thus help pushing down bad links too.

Protect your Online Reputation with effective Social Media Management

Get Proactive Solutions

online reputation management

Mostly we see that social media experts only focus on brand popularity and try to lure clients with more likes and fans, whereas social media marketing is a bigger concern in 2015. The scope has broadened with increased user participation, strict Google guidelines and easy accessibility. Now you cannot just be bothered about count but have to be more specific about the quality of content shared on your business profile page. Whether it’s your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile, offering user-focused content is the need of hour, as it adds real value to your social presence and saves you from negative conditions. Along with this, keeping a track of everything shared in your name is more than important.

Follow these social media management strategies to keep your online reputation intact.

1.   Set up Google alerts to monitor your online reputation.
2.  Keep an eye on particular queries/keywords in conversations like your company name, website, directories, etc.
3.  Observe user sentiments towards general social media sharing.
4.  Use tools to keep a real-time check on your social media presence.

By following all the strategies mentioned above you can safeguard your current online reputation and earn more business opportunities for future.

Drop your comments below regarding this post and if you have any query concerning social media presence, take professional advice of our digital marketing expert.

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One Response to Do Social Media Monitoring To Retain Your Online Reputation

  1. Caleb says:

    Social media is very helpful, but it takes a lot of work. If you can invest the time into maintaining your social media presence it can have a big impact on your personal brand and business.


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