6 Social Media Tips for eRetailers to Offer Customer Services in 2016

Last Update: 04 January, 2016

Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are no longer limited to image building. They are more of lead, sales and traffic generation platforms for businesses that handle them with suitable planning. A recent study says that about 70% of online retailers use social media to increase their brand awareness, while 40% use it with an intended goal of driving conversions.

Social Media Marketing

So, for retail owners who missed conversion and other benefits last year, here are few tips suggested by social media experts of FATbit. Follow these points to serve your customers better in 2016:

Eliminate Traditional Customer Service

By traditional customer service we mean relying on phone calls and emails. Be on the social networks where your customers are. It will give you more occasions to interact and make your brand easily recallable.

Post your product offers or any reportable issue on Facebook or tweet directly to make your social media presence useful to customers. This will not only save your time but grow user engagement levels too. Your targeted subscribers and followers will be interested in checking out your routine updates and find it easy & authentic to connect with your business directly through social profiles.

Use Social networks for Follow-ups

Using social networks instead of mails is a better way to do follow-ups. Whether you have recently resolved an issue/complaint or just want to say thanks for shopping from your eStore, a message on customers’ social profile will extend a gesture of care towards them. But to make it effective, make sure to maintain time relevancy.

Responding quickly is another way to make customers happy. Reply to your followers who leave good comments on social networks. Express thanks and do this as immediately as possible. Time plays great role in offering personalized brand experience to users.

Take Orders through Social Media

Make use of social media features that allow users to buy products through these networks. Following are few instances of SM platforms helping eCommerce sellers make purchase action easier for their target audience.

  • Facebook’s ‘Buy’ button with product advertisement on it allows users to make the purchase without even leaving Facebook.
  • Pinterest’s ‘Rich-Pin’contains pricing and other important details about the products within the pin and take customers directly to the retailer’s website.
  • Twitter’s #AmazonCart and #AmazonWishList hashtags enable customers to handle their Amazon account activities directly from twitter.

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Offering such integrated services certainly provides customers a seamless way to make online purchases and make them feel at ease.

 Track comments & conversations

Address customers’ concerns by tracking their responses & posts mentioning your business name or related terms. Connect your customer support department with online experts who track user insights and deal with negative comments by giving personalized care.

Post the solutions and announcements regarding commonly raised issues, so that customers with similar problems find the answer already there. Social media makes the customer-retailer interaction more transparent. It allows you to give your customers a personalized brand experience, which eventually builds trust in your brand.

Give Customers What They Want

Additionally, it is also crucial from ORM (Online Reputation Management) point of view. Social media platforms are ranked high by search engines because of user generated content. Keeping a track of who is saying what about your brand on social media is important therefore. Use online reputation monitoring tools such as Google Alerts, IFTTT, etc. to get instant alerts about negative feedbacks, and address the issues before they do any harm to your brand image.

Give Customers What They Want

Using social media is the most effective way to track your customers’ behavior online and spotting trends. Observe how your customers are reacting to your Facebook posts, tweets and pins, and you will have very precise insights about what your customers are expecting from you. It will also help you know which of your products are favored by your target audience the most. Share these products with clear call-to-actions. Showcase your posts with efficient use of images, because picture posts get more hits than plain-text posts.

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Learn from BIG Brands’ Social-Care Strategy

Many major brands consider social media branding as a powerful marketing tool, and use it efficiently to increase their brand engagement as well as potential customer base. Here are a few examples:

  • In 2012, Starbucks started a one-on-one customer engagement program across all their social media profiles and created a dedicated account @MyStarBuckIdeas, where people could share their ideas about how to make their product better.
  • T-Mobile, apart from running promotional campaigns on social media also takes job applications through Facebook and Twitter.
  • AirAsia, in October 2013, offered free flight tickets for its Facebook followers in celebration of reaching 2 million likes.

Use Social Media to please your Customers and GrowBrand Engagement

Consult Social Media Experts

How you can use social media to please your customers and get more conversions majorly depends on the nature of your business. To chart out a personalized plan take help of a social media marketing company that specializes in offering social care to target audience.

Using social media as a customer service platform not only lets you assist your customers better, but also helps you build a better image of your brand. So, in 2015, social media is one important tool you can use to keep your customers happy, as well as to expand your business.

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