Top 10 Most Popular Social Media Marketing Websites List – 2016

Social media websites are many but choosing the most effective platform for marketing may be a tough job for you, as all are popular networks. Their popularity enables businesses to get more leads, traffic and find target users based on specific business category.

Since all networks are quite unique in their content sharing and advertising ways you cannot expect to get promotion and popularity on social networks by just sharing images, uploading videos or using hashtags. You have to be explicit about the platform you choose and the content your share. Making strong social profiles can also help you get search engine benefits as they rank high in search results too.

Top 10 Most Popular Social Media Marketing Websites List – 2015

As a social media expert, FATbit recommends you these top 10 social networking sites based on their monthly visitors and user engagement levels. We have analyzed most popular sites and compared their daily visitors count and other factors to prepare this list of the best ones.

Facebook (

Viewing the ability to attract target customers, we have kept Facebook on the top of this list but to get best results you may need applying few advertising techniques. Facebook has great user base and a mixed audience, so popularity on this platform can bring you high returns in terms of sales, traffic and leads if you utilize its advertising potential.

Twitter (

Twitter is a micro-blogging site which offers real time interaction and can be a great source of branding. You can use promoted tweets, trends and accounts to get relevant traffic and leads. Apart from this, sharing videos, twitter cards and images are other effective ways of business promotion on twitter.

LinkedIn (

LinkedIn is a business focused networking site meant for building professional connections. A well-planned content marketing strategy can help businesses and individuals boost their online presence and grow quality business leads through LinkedIn network.

Pinterest (

Pinterest is an image sharing website that is known to have fastest growing unique visitors (10 million unique visitors). This is an incredible platform to engage your target audience and get closer to business goals. Adding quality images & creating unique boards with detailed descriptions can get a product/business message across vast users online.

Google+ (

Google plus is a social networking site owned by the search engine giant itself. Being a Google product it supposedly gets the benefit of search engine rankings too. The importance of G+ profiles increased after Google+ local came to existence as users can now post photos and reviews directly to the page.

Tumblr (

Tumblr is a great combination of blogging and social networking. It has an extended user base that allows businesses to use this platform for promotion and marketing purposes. For targeting mobile users, it’s a great option.

Instagram (

Instagaram is a mobile photo sharing and video sharing social network. It has great feature that allows one to click pictures and share them on various networks (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr etc.) Having 5millions+ users it offers several opportunities to enhance online presence as well as popularity.

Stumbleupon (

Stumbleupon is a discovery engine that lets people rate pages, images and other kinds of content online. This is one of the top and oldest social networking sites and is used by over 100,000 publishers including various brands and marketers.

Flickr (

Flickr is an image and video hosting website that allows sharing content and also acts as an online community. As per last reports by Verge, it has 87 million registered members and acts as a major source of interaction on web.

Scoop (

Scoop is another name that gets space in our top 10 list of social media networks due to its high user-engaging capacity. The platform allows content sharing that is helpful in generating effective leads and revenue.

Social Media Marketing

All these networks have different user base and offer bundles of opportunities to bloggers, professionals, businesses and marketers. But, there works some strategy behind every social media campaign that a company creates. The planning takes place with a view of certain goals & trends that professionals keep analyzing. So, ignoring expert advice may not be a good idea.

Contact us if you want effective social media support. Discuss your queries with them to get maximum benefits from social networks.


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A social media strategist and specialist, Saurabh Thakur helps companies in promoting their business across all social media platforms. And expert is social media marketing, he knows how to portray a brand’s products and services in the most effective manner on social networking sites. His interests in writing and exploring the world of World Wide Web, make his work more valuable.
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