Top 10 Things to Know Before you Hire an Online Marketing Company

Hiring the best SEO consultants is the first target of many companies that do business online. But searching the ‘best’ is something that you cannot do without little knowledge of SEO work approach. Optimizing search engines with a motive to attract more traffic and generate higher revenue is not an overnight task. A consistent and planned course of action works behind high rankings websites. So, hiring experts is a must.

Ask the following questions before you choose an SEO company to attain better results:

Hire Online Marketing CompanyHow many projects have you handled?

Take an overview of past work done. Check the number & variety of projects handled to ascertain skills of a company.

How has been your experience with various SEO projects?

Try to trace the history of a company and its major achievements to ascertain SEO skills. Number of years spent also play crucial role in selection of a dependable company.

What are your Targeted Resources?

Ask for the case studies to learn about all resources that a company targets for optimizing a website. How a company utilizes all resources (directories, listings, business networks, content submission sites etc.) defines the success rate of a website in SERPs.

SEO-case studiesHow will you communicate and keep me updated once the work begins?

Look for a company that updates you about developments after a while. Major disappointment that all businesses face after hiring a company for SEO is the lack of reporting or unsatisfactory reporting. Make this clear in advance to avoid inconvenience.

Will you share the changes made to my site?

Any changes made to your site must be known to you. So beware of the offenders that hide such facts from clients and take an assurance of being updated about all such changes.

What is your SEO work process like?

Ask about the work approach and areas to be covered for improving search engine presence of a website. Various SEO companies promise to give instant boost to websites in search results but they follow black hat techniques which are short lived.
Websites using unethical practices get penalized sooner or later due to algorithm updates. So, avoid following them and enquire how a company goes about optimizing.

What’s your work strategy and how is it different from other consultants?

Every SEO agency has its own work strategy. How these professionals start a project defines how well it will be concluded. Following elements should not be missed from any SEO work strategy:

  • Pre SEO analysis- To detect specific issues that are affecting search engine rankings of a website. It involves website analysis and competitors study.
  • Prior research- To define goals and analyze competitors and target-audience behavior.
  • SEO Planning- To set targets and decide which channels will be used to expand web presence.

Will you need me for doing all this?

If a company says it needs you nowhere or won’t cause you any trouble then take it as a sign of their ignorance. No consultants can get best SEO results without the involvement of website owner. The whole research process as well as implementation requires your presence as you are the one knowing better about business goals, scope and limitations.

Do you focus on Traffic, Business or just Rankings?

Few SEO companies just focus on aimless keyword targeting and bring loads of traffic. But, this kind of traffic never gets you business as it is utterly irrelevant. Same is the case with search engine rankings, as you may see yourself appearing higher in SERPs but won’t receive traffic to website. So, asking whether a company focuses on all three (rankings, traffic & conversions) or not is important.

Best SEO Company India

How much you charge for the services?

The cost of services is most important but guessing the genuine cost may not be. But, we can assure you that asking above said questions will definitely help you ascertain the reasonability of SEO packages offered by a company.

Analyzing the reputation of an SEO firm is also an important step for making the right choice. Check Portfolio to see past projects of a company. It will give you best idea of the expertise it holds and the potential reserved.

Choosing the right SEO partner is a must if you want to expand your web presence and get benefitted from it. So, don’t let your efforts go in vain and find adequate support.

About Saurabh Thakur

A social media strategist and specialist, Saurabh Thakur helps companies in promoting their business across all social media platforms. And expert is social media marketing, he knows how to portray a brand’s products and services in the most effective manner on social networking sites. His interests in writing and exploring the world of World Wide Web, make his work more valuable.
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3 Responses to Top 10 Things to Know Before you Hire an Online Marketing Company

  1. bertshlensky says:

    Great advice but there is much more : . I just ran a survey of SEO consultants who wanted to do work for me and asked them for references in the U.S. before they even proposed . Only 2 of 10 responded and one actually gave me a negative reference . Also what is their time line for results and do they have any quantitative results and expectations of their efforts. Finally SEO is only part of the project . For example do you have an excellent product , website , and content to facilitate making it work .


    • Great suggestions. I agree with you and ‘the timeline’ & ‘quantitative results’ you mentioned are actually two of the most important elements of SEO. So, cannot be ignored while hiring a company.

      Thanks for appreciating our advice and adding new insights to it. 🙂


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