7 Website Tips To Grow Your Ecommerce Sales And Profits

To grow eCommerce sales you need not have any magical powers. All you need is a website that is perfect on conversion scale. Many eCommerce owners focus on attracting more traffic while converting that traffic is more important to increase sales. Getting new visitors is of no use if your site lacks the power to convert them into buyers.

 Conversion rate= Sales/ Total Unique Visitors

This post talks about those little things that help an eCommerce site gross more sales. Here are few conversion rate optimizing tips, which you must use in order to grow your eCommerce business while you develop a custom ecommerce website or used any eCommerce website builder.

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Make Your SHOPPING CART Tempting

Add shipping estimator to your shopping cart so that buyer knows the total cost and does not cancel the order at last moment. A shopper feels disappointed to see the additional cost that he didn’t expect and cancels purchase to see the final figures.
Float personalized offers in shopping cart to encourage a purchase and ensure sales.


It has been noticed that many of the shoppers check return policy before placing an order, if your return policies are stiff, you may lose many of them. People hesitate from buying things that cannot be returned.


Buyers feel excited to get see payment alternatives that you offer. Some prefer using debit card while many choose credit or cash payments.

Other than these, there are few considerations that need to be taken care at the time of website creation. Conversion improvement is a process that begins from the phase of website development and keeps going with technological advancement and business growth that occur with time.

Have a FAST AND SECURE Platform

Buyers leave a site instantly if it takes too much time to process an order. Your pages must open in appropriate time to avoid any such error.
Security is another parameter on which the sales are determined. SSL certification is a must to ensure trust. Make sure that your eCommerce developers offer this to your business website.


Do not impose the account creating feature. Offer guest checkout so that one can buy without having to create an account too. People feel irritated if they are forced to create an account and Leave the site in a blink of eye.

Get LIVE CHAT Feature To Your Site

Online shoppers who come to your site first time need immense help to successfully place the order. They have various concerns like shipping policy and delivery issues, which if not solved right then can lead shopping cart abandonment. To make yourself available to them 24×7, you need to add live chat to your site. It’s even better if you offer this in your checkout phase too.

USE TESTING To Check Your Cart

Test the results of using various colors, buttons and arrangement and improve the functionality on the basis of those results.

A lot more can is done to create a sale-optimized eCommerce store. FATbit offers custom eCommerce development to make sure that a site covers all the above mentioned points and guarantees eCommerce business growth.

Want to know more about creating or improving the eCommerce Store Sales?

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About Sandeep Thakur

Sandeep Thakur works as Internet Marketing Strategist at FATbit Technologies and has been active in the online marketing industry for many years. He is also the online marketing consultant of FATbit’s leading product Yo!Kart, a multivendor ecommerce system to launch ecommerce stores at low price. More Info link:http://www.fatbit.com/website-design-company/multi-vendor-ecommerce-system.html Follow on Twitter: @sandeepsktr
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