How to Push Down Online Negative Reviews? Quick Guide by FATbit Technologies

Ask any business what they are scared of the most these days and the answer would undoubtedly be ‘negative reviews’. In recent years, customer behavior has changed greatly. Checking businesses online has become an integrated part of shopping these days. To buy any sort of product – apparels, food, grocery, etc. – people go online, compare retailers and order from the one they find most reliable. In such times, if a negative review about your business is shown among search results, then you can easily figure out what will be the consequences.

Last update: 6th September, 2017

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New visitors are driven away: Like mentioned above, people compare online before buying. Certainly, if they come across a negative feedback about your services or products, definitely they will look for other retailers and buy things from them.

Drop in sales: Not just new customers, when your existing customers repeatedly observe poor ratings and negative reviews for your business, they too obviously tend to move towards other retailers, which effectually means your competitors.

Defamed brand image: Thug, scam, crook, are some common words that people use these days whenever they are pissed from retailers or service providers. As a business or individual who wants to thrive professionally, you certainly don’t want these titles to be associated with your name.

Quick Guide to Push down Negative Online Reviews

Here is a quick guide by FATbit Technologies, on how negative links/reviews can be pushed down so that they don’t appear on top pages of search results and do not harm your traffic, sales and brand image. As Online Reputation Management Company, FATbit handles reputation projects of big/small businesses, professionals, celebrities & other entities globally.

The key to pushing down negative links is to push up positive links on search engine result pages of same or higher domain authority. If you are not familiar with the term ‘domain authority’ then it is simply a factor that Google and other search engines use to rank websites and to display them in search results. Now, let’s discuss how you can generate more positive links with high domain authority to push down negative links.

1.) Have a professional website: Creating a website is a solid step towards portraying a positive image of your business on the web. Having a website means, you have total control over what goes on it, whether it is business information, service details, and reviews.

2.) List your business on local business directories: Find out business directories that perform well in your geographic area (apart from the popular ones like Google Local, Facebook for Business, etc.) & list your business on them. Also, optimize existing profiles on other business directories.

3.) Create influencing business profile on global company directories: Online company directories like CrunchBase, AngelList, Owler, etc. too have high domain authority. Creating and optimizing profiles on them strengthen your business presence in the online world.

4.) Be present and active on social media: Negative reviews can happen on your social media profiles as well. But by remaining active on social media you can minimize their impact by engaging happy customers and asking for positive reviews from them.

5) Leverage content marketing: Blogging is hard work, but worth putting efforts. The best thing about it is that you can pinpoint search terms that show negative links about you on search engines and build an informative post using these terms to handle negative links better.

6.) Mind the Black-hat techniques: It is also important to keep in mind that you do not cross the Google norms in your efforts to push down negative reviews. Make sure you don’t over-stuff keywords and links in your post, otherwise your business can get blacklisted by Google itself.

Hopefully, on most of the above-mentioned tips you can act readily and see the negative links disappearing from top search results. And to get better results, take the assistance of an expert online reputation management firm. Don’t shy away from hiring ORM experts, since in long terms it is a small investment that brings huge benefits to your business.

Push down your Negative Reviews with Money Back Guarantee

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