Attract Online Buyers Towards your Ecommerce Website in Festive Season

With fall has begun the festive row & your chances to earn online are back. Halloween is near & so are the thanks giving, Christmas & other occasions. The festive season has come and the time to clear your ecommerce stock is drawing close. Are you doing enough to make money this holiday season?

Get Prepared for
Halloween, Black Friday, Christmas & New Year Sales

 To make the most of this festive season, optimize your eCommerce site for this period & attract more traffic, entertain visitors & earn more sales. Follow the methods suggested by our eCommerce experts below.

 Design Changes

Your website design comes first in the eCommerce optimization list. Changes are required to pamper your special customers looking for event specific items. Make sure you are done with following things at least fifteen days prior to your sale:

  • Create Landing Page

Creating an event specific landing page is one of the best ways to boost sales of online shops in festive season. This helps shoppers sort the right products from your website and increase conversion rate to great margins as the customers can be guided appropriately.

landing page design

Make a specific landing page to feature specialized products relevant to a celebration. For Halloween, make a well-designed page that features costumes of girls, boys, teens in different categories & related accessories, decoration supplies in other. Code it aptly including relevant keywords, tags & have a unique URL for the same.

  •  Banner Design

Attract visitors to your sale focused page by using a suitable banner. Your banner design contributes to making mind of a potential buyer and brings good deal of revenue in festive season. Design a special banner for home page & let your routine visitors know about the ongoing sale. For landing page create a distinct banner that guides buyers about the exclusive advantage of shopping from your website. On home page you can put the special discounts & deals on your banner to encourage clicks.

attract visitor’s attention

  •  Shipping Temptation

Shipping details must be accessible right when a user lands on your website. Highlight ‘Free shipping’ if you offer it as that lures visitors more than anything else. It’s a great way to upsell in holiday season. Many impulsive buyers get attracted to such temptations easily but to earn this benefit, you have to display it well.

Get Maximum Sales by employing Conversion Focused Changes to your Web Design

Consult Redesign Experts

Once done with the above mentioned changes, you require checking:

  • Is your navigation structure intuitive?

Navigation structure is the backbone of a website that sells products/services. Your visitors will not take less than 8 seconds to bounce from a page if they find the navigation confusing.

  • Do you provide easy search?

Improving search can improve your conversion rate (provided you have met rest of the conditions). Filtering option, size of the search bar & autocomplete options are few things that make the user feel comforted while shopping.

  • Are your CTAs effective enough to attract visitor’s attention?

Appropriately planned CTAs are visually striking & do the job of promoting marketing offers. Make them if you have missed out earlier and remake if the existing ones are complicated.

  • Is your website responsive?

If your website does not fit all screen size then most of the mobile & smartphone using customers may leave your site due to browsing discomfort. Since a big segment of online users do search on the go, they prefer using small devices like tablet & cellphones. Make your website responsive to target such users.

Business Promotion

Create a business marketing strategy specific to a festive occasion. If it’s for New Year sale then offer discounts that were not given on Christmas. The bottom line is – Sound Different.

 You can plan to give free gifts relevant to an occasion. For instance on Christmas you can offer decoration stuff like window clings & lanterns for free. These items make sense to a customer on Christmas Eve and so grab their attention easily.

Promote your Ecommerce Store on Social Networks to Attract more Traffic & Sales

 You can also float special offers like discount on minimum sale to convert huge set of visitors into buyers. Pricing strategy is crucial for a festive season sale whether it’s thanksgiving or New Year’s Day. Festival discounts lure shoppers more than anything else.

Adding coupons and offering deals to highlight specific collection can help you boost sales on a special day.

 Social Media

Social media is a great source of high quality leads & sales to eCommerce market. Plan your campaigns for different occasions in advance. The big shopping brands usually start their social marketing one month before the actual sale. They make it big to attain better search engine visibility & user interaction during the time of occasional sale.

The role of content is crucial in announcing your festive sale highlights. If handled well, it can generate profits equivalent to months in one day. Follow the rule of timeliness to ensure success.

better search engine visibility

Study buyers’ needs & emotion before planning a social media campaign for an occasion.

Make a different marketing campaign for two occasions. Your message has to be different for thanks giving day & Christmas in order to attract relevant traffic.

Do live chats, run contest & participate in conversation. Respond to users’ replies & comments.

Work on attracting new fans by optimizing your social media profiles. Make users inquisitive by sharing entertaining stuff related to a celebration.

Invest in sponsored ads. Create personalized content for FB ads to grab user attention & clicks. Expand your budget for holiday eCommerce to make more profits.

Woo existing customers on your Social media pages. Run marketing campaigns to   convey them about the upcoming event. Build curiosity in your fans & followers by sharing daily updates on Facebook, Twitter & other social media networks.

 Share content on what special you are offering for this day. Tell about discounts on twitter & FB using images and videos.

Promote your Ecommerce Store on Social Networks to Attract more Traffic & Sales

Create a Special SM Campaign

Online Marketing

Optimize your site for search engine. Target festival-specific keywords like ‘shop Halloween costumes’, ‘buy Christmas decorations’   etc. Do geo-targeting if you are focusing on local customers. Invest in local SEO for attracting local buyers.

 Opt for Google AdWords to get instant results. This form of advertising is best suited to attract convertible traffic. It is quick & offer high returns on investment.

 Optimize your website to increase ecommerce conversions. Consult analyst to make your marketing funnel stronger by filling the gaps.

 Re-target buyers, spend on PPC and make use of banner ads to get traffic from third party sites to increase online sales.

 Invest in Email Marketing. Create personalized mails & send to as many people as your database can provide. The content used for email marketing must be tailored to encourage clicks.

 Having done all this for many of our clients, we assure you to see a momentous change in the conversions, sales & traffic this holiday season, if you apply the techniques well. Just go on to experiment, explore and build a customer focused marketing campaign for upcoming festivals.

If you want any support from our technical experts & eCommerce analysts, then leave a query (mentioning your website) for them. We will send you a personalized solution-list to help you boost online profits.

If you have any opinion or suggestion regarding this post, you can share them with us below in comments.

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