How To Make things Go Viral On The Internet- Going ‘Viral’ Online

Pushing People’s Buttons like Never Before!

Ok so honestly it sounds more like getting pregnant, when ‘LUCK’ and ‘BRILLIANCE’ fuse and enter your uterus and of course some healthy sperm! Or for that matter if you sprint from rags to riches, something like umm growing bigger than FACEBOOK or APPLE perhaps, you must have oodles of Brilliance with some grinning luck chasing your FATE!

Yess, we are coming to what we mean, going viral online is something similar if not less!

There is avalanche of contents online and the web is JAMMED! It’s not that easy anymore to get noticed without making real time efforts. Virality is like ripples effect that reaches millions. But how often does that happen? Not much. Where on one hand, you must stay hopeful and confident about your contents; on the other hand, you should always be ready to have failed several times before actually becoming CONTAGIOUS online!

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The term ‘virus’ could be intimidating otherwise, but here online it’s kind of a good news. Anything that goes viral determines the stark difference between success and failure, riches and poverty, practically life and death for online merchandisers trying their butts out to cut through the web clutter and be noticed.

So here are some facts, DEAL WITH THEM!

  • 8 out of 10 people will read a headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will continue to read the rest of you content.
  • Research says that you can increase your conversion rate by up to 73 percent by using the right headline
  • On the average Web page, users have time to read at most 28% of the words during an average visit; 20% is more likely.”
  • 7% Google and few other search engines are dramatically using social signal metrics to rank search engine results.
  • According to a survey, nearly 9 in 10 respondents to a survey said they actively shared contents with others through emails.

Everyone loves good gossip, trust us, even men from time to time, and for creating a sensational buzz, you must have something ‘vitally viral’. Well, what if you were to find out that a zombie apocalypse can happen anytime soon, your genitals can be hacked too besides just your accounts, and some of your favorite celebs are still virgins, or for that matter science has proven that you can actually live forever, and the best one Sunny Leone recently had a wardrobe malfunction? Wouldn’t you glue to your screens and go bonkers with excitement to find more horse meat?

Wah-lah! We all are attuned to some emotions that prick our buttons instantly and make us chase for more. Well, most honestly this could be a ‘just’ definition of what a viral content could possibly be. Anything outrageous that encourages people to create a buzz and explode the message to millions is viral marketing.

The emotions/viruses that trigger your buttons to read further and share are:

  • The emotion of awe
  • The emotion of surprise
  • The emotion of anger
  • The emotion of anxiety
  • Emotion of joy
  • Emotion of lust
  • Low arousal
  • Deactivating
  • Pride, hope, courage, or trust
  • Provocative, dramatic or embarrassing

Anything that is unconventional, taboo, secretive, hilarious, remarkable and unusual has high chances of going viral. In order to make your content take off, try variety, take risks, try lots of things, make content buckets and speak your mind always. People would always want to share information that evokes emotion, is novel or scarce, with a cause, has inspiration or has already been popular.

And the Right ways to wildly go Viral are:

  • Anything that is a latest happening, a current news or trend, has higher potential to go viral, if written well after researched.
  • Create some buzz or a content culture that the ‘bored @ work’ tribe would want to pass around.
  • Relatable content is always touchy and strikes the right chord with people. If you give a human angle and keep it interpersonal, smile and push it live, your content is worth sharing.
  • Allow them to comment as much as they want. Good comment community will always bring in ‘great viral capacity’ with it.
  • A call to action and an awesome headline will surely make people come and lick your content.
  • Be shocking, controversial or humorous – Any doubts?
  • Add images or videos to your contents to make them more impactful. Also, take care of tags and hashtags.
  • If you are lucky and brilliant enough to get featured on Reddit, Stumbleupon and Digg, you will definitely be picked up by many and shared by plenty. Sounds good? Boy, try hard then!
  • Add share button both before and after each post. You are improving the likeliness of shares and likes.
  • Create more engagement on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Do brainstorming sessions, ask before you even embark:

  • What is the type of content your target audience wants to consume?
  • What are the relevant topics that sound interesting?
  • Which controversial topics can rile up the society?
  • What are the commonly held opinions, on social and political matters?
  • Which emotions work best and capture maximum attention?
  • How do you plan to curate or controlling the content?
  • What is the type of viral content you wish to opt for? Articles/blogs, video/audio, interactive content or infographics?

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Here’s a short intent of a very popular viral campaign Jesus Kit Kat Viral campaign that brought about a commotion for a long time last year and is still a matter of gossip of many:

This is the (now) famous, Jesus Kit Kat Viral Campaign that was launched last year, and talked about on over 150,000 websites and blogs within 4 days.

A great example of how strategic viral marketing can generate waves of free media.

This story begins in March 2009. It was at this time that three separate ‘Jesus sightings’ occurred across separate European cities…yes, that’s correct, on three separate occasions people believed they had seen Jesus! Religious, agnostic or atheist, these claims are fascinating and naturally attracted a great deal of commotion.

In the midst of this pure madness, Kit-Kat recognised that this unusual trend was actually an opportunity to leverage their famous ‘Have a break’ strap line. So…using a fake email address and identity, they sent an email to the two largest Dutch news sites, claiming that, after taking a bite from a Kit-Kat chunky someone had yet another ‘Jesus sighting’.

Several news sites picked up on the story immediately and within four days ‘Jesus Kit-Kat’ was on more than 100,000 websites with an abundance of comments such as ‘Have a break, have a Jesus Kit-Kat,’ ‘Even JC needs a break’ and ‘Jesus spotted in a Kit Kat Bar…gimme a break.’ This campaign is a great case study to illustrate the power of digital viral campaigns; Kit-Kat received an inordinate amount of free-publicity with virtually zero cost per contact. Furthermore, not only did they get the Kit-Kat name on everyone’s lips, they even had people adapting their strap-line unprompted. Gimme a break!

It’s exceedingly tough to create something that is capable of going viral but not impossible. Fractal content has the potential to reach and influence millions and hence the concept of virality is gaining stupendous popularity. Have more to add and share? Stamp your comments and let us know.


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