How to Use Pinterest for Your Business Promotion? Best Marketing Tips & Strategies

Pinterest is valued around $4 billion and attracts more than 11 million unique visitors every month. Though 85% Pinterest users are women, serious companies like GE have great presence on the visual discovery platform.

How to Use Pinterest for Your Business Promotion
In just four years, Pinterest has become the third biggest social networking site in the world. So, you have every reason to make Pinterest part of your online marketing strategy.

This blog post has been planned by social media marketing team of FATbit Technologies to help business owners use Pinterest for marketing and promotion. Before read this post, follow us on Pinterest! Let’s start with beginner basics of the online platform;

 A beginner’s guide of Pinterest – Interesting Facts    

 Launched in 2010, below are some interesting facts about Pinterest;

  •  70 million people use Pinterest on regular basis
  • Average time spent by visitor is 14.2 minutes
  • 9 million users have connected their Pinterest presence with Facebook
  • Pinterest drives massive social sharing
  • It influences online as well as offline retail

Pinterest may look simple at first glance but it is extremely powerful in terms of user engagement. Its user base is highly engaged and that’s what gives it an edge over other social media platforms.

 How to get started on Pinterest?

Getting started on Pinterest is not rocket science. All you need to do is sign up. The website allows signup through Facebook and Email. The website also allowed login through Twitter but have discontinued the practice.

 If you use your Facebook account to use Pinterest, the website will pick required information on its own. However, if you choose email option, you need to fill some personal information and add a picture as well.

Pinterest will also help you in discovering the boards according to your interest so that you can get started smoothly.

 Here are some Pinterest tips for beginners;

  •  Choose the interests that really matter to you
  • Finds your real & virtual friends on Pinterest with social login
  • Connect with like-minded people and brands
  • Make tweaks in Pinterest settings as per your preferences

 Using Pinterest for personal use is quite simple and these Pinterest beginner tips will help you get started. However, using it for business promotion and marketing is an entirely different ballgame. This brings us to our next section

 How to use Pinterest for business marketing & promotion?  

Pinterest gives the opportunity of business promotion and marketing to brands and businesses all over the world. Introduce your business to Pinterest by setting up a business profile. A professionally managed business profile brings more authority and benefits.

 Make sure you take care of following points for better visibility in search;

 Fill all the fields carefully especially business type, name and other details

  • Optimize About section with industry relevant keywords. This will give you an added advantage in search.
  • Choose a relevant picture to represent your business. If you are a company, your logo can serve as the image. If you are professional, go for a high quality photo
  • Add Pinterest Share & Follow buttons to your important online resources like website and blogs

Now that you have a promising Pinterest business profile, it is time to connect with users and build your presence with a super marketing strategy.

 Points for Effective Pinterest marketing strategy in 2014

 Pinterest will be of little business benefit without a well-thought marketing strategies and tactics. Build a smart Pinterest presence with these strategic points;

 Create business focused Pinterest boards – The beauty of Pinterest is that you can create multiple boards under one account. But creating board of cat images & gifs is not going to help your brand sell more. Create boards that your audience would actually be interested in. Only brand relevant boards will help your money-making cause. Read this Pinterest post to manage your boards on your own.

Pin and Repin – Pinterest is a visual discovery tool used to collect ideas. Become part of the community by adding pins that might help or inspire your followers. Share images, video, blog posts or any other media of your choice. Additionally, followingpeople is not the only way of connection building on Pinterest. Every time you pin from someone’s board, he is updated about the activity. So, make sure you repin.

 Run Contests – Pinterest strategy for your business is incomplete without contests and promotional campaigns. Brands ask Pinterest community to create boards, repin images and vote to win goodies.

Keep the contest easy to enter and create visually appealing graphics to promote it. Promote your Pinterest campaigns on other social media sites as well.

Follow influencers & relevant brands – Pinterest is all about getting discovered and followed by the right set of people. However, it is you who needs to take the first steps. Follow influencers of your industry and also people whose interests are related to your products or services. For instance, if you are the owner of a fashion boutique, connect with stylists, established brands, and young women interested in fashion.

Social sharing – Make your Facebook and Twitter profiles part of your Pinterest marketing strategy. Connect your social media profiles with Pinterest and attract more followers from other social media sites. Introduce your fans and followers on other social media networks with your Pinterest presence. Share your Pinterest activity with Facebook fans and tweet your pins.

Use Place Pins – Do you want your boards to be visible for location and keyword based queries? If yes, then, you must use Place Pins. Place Pins aims to help travellers discover, plan and share adventures. Place Pins definitely deserves a spot in your Pinterest marketing strategy. Read more about Place Pins in this official Pinterest post.

Popularize smartly – Your Pinterest profile needs all the eyeballs it can manage. Advertise your profile offline as well as online. If case you run a store, inform your visitors about it. Virtual brands can link discounts and special offers with Pinterest activity. Also keep track of online trends and pinning habits. Mould your Pinterest marketing strategy accordingly.

 The best thing about Pinterest is that it is super easy and highly intuitive. The website itself will guide you through the whole experience and you will be fluent in no time. But its simplicity ends here. Below are some reasons why small businesses as well as big brands hire social media marketers to manage Pinterest presence;

  • When it comes to running Pinterest campaigns for generating product sales, online marketing insights and social media expertise is required.
  •  Even if you are only interested in building an active Pinterest presence, you need time to plan posts, make frequent updates, and interact with Pinterest users. This is a time consuming task.
  • Creating an effective Pinterest marketing strategy is another challenge in front of small businesses and brands if they choose to manage everything on their own.

 So, if you have been thinking of using Pinterest for generating product sales for your brand, don’t forget to consult marketing experts.

 Do you know any Pinterest marketing tips we missed? Share them in the comment section!
In case you need help with your online marketing strategy, discuss your needs with our marketing team.


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Sandeep Thakur works as Internet Marketing Strategist at FATbit Technologies and has been active in the online marketing industry for many years. He is also the online marketing consultant of FATbit’s leading product Yo!Kart, a multivendor ecommerce system to launch ecommerce stores at low price. More Info link: Follow on Twitter: @sandeepsktr
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