Open source platforms that are trending the world of web development

There are several open source platforms that web development companies have been using for a while to create websites. We are discussing here about the most commonly used platforms, which seem to be the hot topics of 2014.


This is the most talked about software for ecommerce development that is used by more than 30,000 merchants worldwide. The list includes big brands like Samsung and The North Face, which put it in the category of the leading ecommerce platforms. It offers two editions viz. community, which can be owned for free and an enterprise edition that is paid and offers multiple features.


It is an open source CMS system that is used widely by the best website developers all over world. There are millions of websites and applications developed with joomla and it is considered best for its free modules. Joomla is particularly known for its huge community, which includes names like Harvard University, MTV Networks Quizilla, Citibank etc. It is used globally for developing all kinds of sites whether small, corporate or ecommerce.

website programming packages


This is open source software that web development companies use for creating ecommerce stores basically.  It offers 7000 free add-ons and owns a community of 276,418 members.  You can use Oscommerce on any server that has PHP or MySQL. It’s been 13 years that Oscommerce came into being and by 2008, 14000+ sites had been made live using it.


After going through many FAQ on web development, we realized that Opencart seems to be the common topic for online startups. There are various reasons behind it but the topmost is its usability as the best turn-key solution. One can start right away after installing it and choosing the template suitable for one’s business.

All of these open source software have various advantages & limitations, so before using any of them you must be sure about its suitability for your business.  To get started with any of the software mentioned, first of all take an expert advice from a skilled development company and then begin your business online.

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