4 Common Questions People Ask About Web Development

We receive many queries on day-to-day basis while counseling clients as a part of our profession.  The most common of them are about development. People usually know enough about the role of designing & marketing but have lot of curiosity in knowing about development part. So, here we are talking about the most common 4 queries that FATbit came across till now.


What is the use of content management system?

Viewing the ambiguity of many inquirers regarding the meaning & use of   content management system, we put this question here. CMS is actually nothing but an easy way to manage data driven websites. The purpose of CMS websites is to make the content structure organized and offer complete control to the website owner. The biggest advantage of content management system is that it can be handled by a non-technical person too.

Why should I hire Indian web developers?

This is the one question that nine out of ten clients from overseas would ask us if they have never worked with Indians. The major reason why one should pick Indian Web Development Company is that it gives topmost technical precision, which needs no mention. Indian programmers are known globally for offering excellent functionality at affordable cost. The quality they deliver is above par than the price they charge for it; hence this turns cost-effective for any business to hire an Indian company.

What is the role of dedicated PHP developers?

Hiring dedicated PHP developers allows you to get their complete attention as they work solely on your project. The performance level goes up with exclusive treatment that your website gets from a dedicated programmer. You get reports about project development and thus the quality gets improved at each level. Security and unique treatment are two highlighting advantages of hiring them.

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Do I need to hire Web Development Company for a WordPress Website?

Yes you may need it if you are seeking nearly perfect functionality. The readymade solutions that WordPress offers are good enough for a limited activity but if you want to engage more audience, you may require offering more functions. Hiring Web Development Company for a WordPress Website will give you the options of increasing the interactivity, adding uniqueness and make it saleable.

If you have any more queries regarding web design, development or internet marketing requirements, then Write to FATbit. Our team members will come back to you with effective solutions.

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One Response to 4 Common Questions People Ask About Web Development

  1. Prabha Yadav says:

    Yes, This is true that, nine out of ten clients are required all web services by the Indian company. Because these companies are hiring at reasonable price.


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