Best Website Developers of India- What they will never suggest?

The best website developers India have lots to offer in terms of innovation and technical brilliance. They are known worldwide for creating profitable online platforms and trusted for the eminent client support. Here, we have jotted down few ‘not to do’ things that Indian web development experts suggest to avoid.


  1. Do not buy an overtly aggressive domain name.
  2. Do not use text that search engines fail to crawl.
  3. Don’t forget to work on the value proposition of your site i.e. the first thing that visitors notice.
  4. Don’t make your product headlines sound like a slogan- They should be catchy and promising.
  5. If your product is heavily dependent on visual selection then refrain from using low quality images.
  6. Avoid using bizarre fonts that kill readability.
  7. Do not create complicated registration forms that destroy user interest.
  8. Don’t indulge in using too much flash, animation or images- It is the biggest turnoff for visitors.
  9. Do not restrict your website customization by using a readymade solution.
  10. Don’t ignore validating HTML to catch the bugs
  11. Don’t launch your site before ensuring its functionality- Go for testing.

FATbit has the affordable web development packages, that make the most complex project look simpler with their excellent knowledge and sharp programing. The company has 9+ years of industry experience and created numerous online platforms for its global Clients.

Select FATbit, if you are looking for hassle-free web development support. Our services are relied particularly for topnotch quality that is offered at affordable cost. We focus on creating unique websites without spoiling the user experience and feel dedicated to offer the best work at best price.

Our web development process moves ahead with clear plan of action that we form after extensive research and analysis. Researchers study the products & services and first and then create a unique design strategy for each project.

Visit our website for any further query about your web design requirement.

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