How Much the Best Web Developers of India Cost?

Web development is a task that requires sharp programming skills accompanied with clear business perception. Hiring best web developers India won’t be troublesome for you if you are well versed with the trending requirements of online business and the varied cost of meeting those requirements.


The cost of a web development project basically depends and varies according:

  • Complexity of work
  • Hours to be spent on a project
  • The Individual skill & efficiency of service providers
  • Experience of a company
  • Currency value of a the country that developer belongs to

Other than this, companies charge you according to the size and nature of business that your website is expected to do. The bigger the scale of your activities the more will be your need of functionality. The Best Web Development Company India will cost you as per.

  • Website type– The kind of website you require is the most deciding factor of how much you will have to pay for it. For instance, a responsive web design that gives an ideal viewing experience may cost more than a non-responsive.

Thus the simplest website developed by best web developers should cost you around $200. The per hour rate usually swings between $ 15-20 and for a simple website 10 hours are considered enough. Again, it depends on the website size, in how much time a work is completed.

  • Additional features– The requirement of extra tools, plugins and features costs additionally. It is added further to the cost of the total hours spent on a website. Adding features like membership, registration, shopping cart etc. can cost upto $500. You can save this additional cost by choosing a complete package that offers custom development. Generally, the Best Web Developers India offer packages, which are all-inclusive.
  • Post development support– Few companies offer free maintenance support, while few charge for it too. So, once you are done with choosing the best developers, check out if the development company offers this support or not. Paying for technical support can start from $50 and go as far as $500 depending upon the issues you confront.

Choose FATbit, if you want reliable and expert web development support. The company has worked on 2000+ projects globally in past 9 years and earned a reputation of most reliable talent of industry. Our web services are trusted for the quality we offer and the price at which it is delivered.

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