Top Reasons why Businesses must consider Google+ Seriously?

The buzz about Google+ doesn’t seem to be slowing down from any tangent. So much so that now there are about 20 million users and still counting. Phew! That just reminds of a yet another maniac season on the prowl. Businesses and marketing managers are certainly sniffing a social media giant in the making. Google+, yes it is! People are certainly considering it a trump investment option and a strong social media platform to voice one’s business.


Let’s look at some of the best reasons why Google+ is just gradually permeating in the cyber galaxy at a supersonic speed!

  • Google has almost a 68% share in the market when it comes to search engines. Google+ is an in house social networking site that sounds quite like the home made cheese. In short Google+ being a Google creation has that edge over its other social networking counterparts when it comes to search engine benefits. So there’s the first trump!
  • Another big story lined up! Google is the big boss on web as well as androids. Social networking is all about being connected through pictures, videos and stories or posts and Google boasts all top of the line plates and even the most popular mobile range Androids now. This gives an easy way to Google+ as well.
  • Unlike its contemporaries Google+ has already garnered about 20 million users. So 3 weeks and already touting a galore of users.
  • Google+ shares a very strong integration with Gmail which is like a spine of the great grand Google. Gmail is the key to successful online communications.
  • Google+ has strong integration with Google offers where group buying is a possibility.
  • Privacy with Google+ is kept confidential and it might share information all over the dot com world, but your personal information is kept confidential.

Brightest minds of Google are hard at work to make Google+ succeed. However, if you want to gain business or branding momentum from your Google+ profile, then, you need assistance of expert marketing minds. Get in touch with FATbit team of online marketers to make your Google+ profile a lead generating machine.

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