Best Web Designing – Where to go when your mind’s blocked?

More often than not, we talk of online awareness, education and information, learning and similar talks, which is fine. But, let’s change the air today and take care of your blocks. Blocks? All those web designers out there, raise your hands if you have had creative blocks often? Aah just as we thought…there must be many! Which is very normal and granted. Sometimes it’s important to give your mind the required space to think, breathe and produce newer dimensions of art and creativity.

Best Web designing is certainly lot of brain work and oodles of arty skills, upholding the technical nuances though. So, coming on to our lesson for today, creative block, it happens when pixels don’t respond, brain wishes to vacation, senses and mouse click aren’t in their respective working order. But, it happens with the expert of experts as well, at some point in time, just that they are too experienced to share it with us. I am sure they have had their days of gloom and lethargy too.


Anyhow, our focal point in discussion here is, how can we help you overcome creative block? And specially when we know Best website designers are more in demand than ever. Cyber world can’t afford too many designers getting stumped at the same time. So we thought of doing the homework for you. Here are some brilliant books, websites and things to do and refer to when brains are out of order.

There you go:

Websites to find your design inspiration

  • ArtzMania
  • Logo pond
  • TheFWA
  • CSSZenGarden
  • JPG magazine

Books that you wouldn’t want to miss out on

  • Push Pin Graphic
  • Graphis Advertising Annual
  • Web Design Studios
  • Story of Graphic Design in France
  • Graphic Design Timeline – A century of Design Milestones

Things to do to get brilliant design ideas

  • Visit an art workshop or gallery or an exhibition
  • Shoot unique colours and textures and pile them up
  • Street art is a great source of inspiration
  • Pick up album art
  • Take a stroll to some antique stores

Some seed for thought out there? Stay tuned for more such posts.

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